"Silly Walking" through WA

Last Update: July 08, 2018

So if you're a Monty Python fan you get this, if not...just google MInistry of Silly walks on YouTube, it'll change you life (overstatement maybe?)

Anyway, as I'm clumsily finding my way through all this new informatioin, I feel as if I've begun my Silly Walk, I might not just walk straight to success but if I work hard I know I'll be able to Silly Walk my way there.

So as I'm bombarded with all the information and advice that I don't want to forget, I thought I'd just start keeping a list that I can look back on and stay inspired.

@SuzaMarie welcomed me and said "There's so much info here that it can feel like you're drinking from a fire hose! :) Learn at your pace. Please don't hesitate to ask for help." This let me know I was not alone in feeling overwhelmed...Thank you @Suza Marie

@georgejhaas gave me a tip "One of the best resource I use is the weekly live Webinars every Friday." So I'll definitely be checking those out!

@onmyterms gave me two amazing blog posts of his that were out of this world helpful...Check them out if you're new or still Silly Walking around! Thanks you @onmyownterms

My Advice for All New Members

How to Create Favorite at WA

And along with all the other words of encouragement @GroverJack said "I love your passion and gift of love to help others while seeking to be able to do more. It's always challenging trying to balance the love of your life--art and paying the bills. Follow your heart . . . things will workout . . . at least that how the song goes. Many of us have been pushed and pulled in many directions, drawn in between what our heart tells us and what life demands of us if you follow your passion and stay focus, then as my motto says, “Doing What’s Right Today, Means No Regrets Tomorrow.”

And @Kyle led me to this course Diamond Traffic Course THANK YOU!

So I'm hoping I can get back into this post or post every so often about the encouraging words I got here on my first day....(I mean I asked a question on chat and literally within 30 seconds I had four replies) all these together let me know I'm IN THE RIGHT PLACE, this is home, family.... I may silly walk my way through it (as I do most of my life,) but after my first day here, knowing my own work ethic, silly as it may be and being treated like family within moments of joining....How can I NOT be successful....

So here I go taking my first silly step...

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Ciscokidd Premium
This is an awesome post. I feel like I'm walking backwards so I know the silly feeling. By the way I do enjoy the occasional Monty Python quote...
DavidFrady Premium
Absolutely! Thank you for being here in WA. The community is awesome! And so are the founders and creators of WA! It is definitely the place to be to succeed. Like you said, there is plenty of help here. We want you to succeed.

Have a great day. Take care