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I started off on this WA journey focusing mainly on myself, because I really wanted to get to the money fast. I am being very candid because that is what's brought most of us here. I would like to suggest that you go to the market, not necessarily to sell and make money: take time to window shop even though you know what you want. You may see something better in quality and purpose; you may bump into a friend you haven't seen in ages or you could meet a total stranger and strike up a conversati
April 12, 2016
In my part of the world there's a road sign that says: Speed Kills! I find it appropriate here for members of the Wealthy Affiliate family, especially the newbies like myself, to remind us all that we shall not, repeat NOT, become millionaires overnight. If you want to get in here and rush to the millions in a hurry, it won't happen, my friend. Please remember to go diligently into the Get Started Here lessons from start to finish - don't skip the tasks or assignments given, even if you think y