Crazy IT geek writes about Operating Systems !

Last Update: October 19, 2018

So Yah, after spending most of my life in IT operating systems and hardware I'm kept awake at night researching and writing.... sometimes building or rebuilding old and new computers. I know what you're thinking as your eyes glaze over,.... boring right. Not at all ! You're slapping keys right now on a computer I may have build and you certainly have feelings about how well or poorly it was produced don't you.

So both the computer and the operating system are very familiar to you and you should have strong opinions about how it functions or doesn't. That's where I sometimes come in.... having supported literally hundreds of users in corporate and government sites I have heard a lot of opinions on these subjects. Moreover I have had to research and optimize a lot of hardware and software to improve function and usability. So, yes geeky, but in terms of todays network attached life operating systems and hardware are central issues to most of us whether we like it or not.

My online blog is about new developments in OS and computer hardware with a focus on value and usability. What I'm interested in is average user experience.... not corporate speak kind of stuff but real world everyday sitting at your home desk kind of experience.The WA community can help me here by occassionally commenting on their experiences with computer hardware and the operating systems they prefer or hate. I'll try to stay relevant to the WA audience which I'm sure represents a typical broad range of computer user. This will apply nicely to my websites and I hope point WA folks to useful information in return. Let me know if you think this is delusional or viable....

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Lofty aspirations to be sure. WA should have a good cross-section of people from the Advanced programmer to the Newbie who is still trying to learn how to turn the computer on. Good Post.
wimone Premium
Thanks Jerry... thats what I'm hoping anyway !