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I was very fortunate to get invited to a live evening with Google here in Bali (The Island of the Gods) on Wednesday so wanted to share the experience and the content with everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I will present this primarily in note format.Two presenters Aldrich Christopher .. Trust & Safety Outreach APAC @ Google (based in Singapore) Oisin O’Connor .. Product Specialist in CMS @ Google (based in Ireland)ContextTo give a context here is Google’s Mission Stateme
WOW ... I just got my 3 Year Wealthy Affiliate Badge ... time goes quickly! I don't blog much here these days, although I did at the beginning when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. When I started, I read and interacted with everything on WA ... immersed myself in the WA sub-culture ... made some friends, a few of whom are very helpful to this day ... and did not immerse myself in as much of the training as I should have :)Standing 3 years ago I had a very different picture of where I would hav
This was originally going to be a question but there was too much in it so I decided to make it into a Post. Google has sent me a report: "Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 new issues of type Mobile Usability."According to the Google Console repot the issues reported seem to be "new" .. I was considering if this means "Mobile Usability" requirements have been recently inceased by Google.To put this in context I am using Twenty Seventeen Theme. I understood this Theme
I am very excited because we just hit 1,000 followers on our Instagram for our fitness business, which is branded in my wife's name.I have learnt a lot from this .. the biggest thing is that I know almost nothing about the workings of Instagram .. the more I find out the less I know, if that makes sense.Just as a note .. the Followers have all come organically and we do not follow people as a practice to gain followers. All Instagram Posts also go to our Facebook Page which has over 14,000 on i
I am excited .. just did the Premium and Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal! I never had the budget last year to take advantage of this and have always needed to be on monthly. A few months ago Cash Flow started improving. So I made sure I budgeted for this years Black Friday and did it as soon as I got Kyle's email.Thanks Kyle and Carson .. now off to watch the video!Cheers, William.
I almost cannot believe this .. our (Indonesia) website is finally up and operating on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This has been a 3 months project! The Wealthy Affiliate part took a little more than a minute include the transfer from a Siterubix site I had already set up, implementing SiteSpeed and SSL.The balance of the three months was in getting the domain name registered! I originally looked at using an international register and having them hold it on our behalf but the cost we
These are the top Social Media Apps as at October 2017. This info maybe useful for your planning and putting the various Apps into perspective. VK is Russian and dominates the Russian speaking market. Stay Focused, Move Forward.Cheers, William.
I am so excited .. just made my first $1 from Wealthy Affiliate. I have done very little in promoting WA as I have spent most of my time in my niche markets, primarily using Social Media. This $1 may not be much but it is proof Wealthy Affiliate works .. if one can make $1 then one can make a $1 million .. especially as I have spent little time on it. Thank you everyone and Kyle and Carson and I hope this referral achieves what they want from WA.Stay Focused, Move Forward.Cheers, William.
In building your Social Media presence you can link your Instagram to Twitter. The problem is that your Instagram photos do not post to Twitter. So your Posts end up looking this this:This is, of course, not much use as there is nothing visual posted, the text is no longer relevant and it is necessary to click the link back to Instagram .. which most people will not do.So what is the solution? You could post separatelyUse a serviceThe most common Service is IFTTT which is a free download availa
This SiteSpeed really is amazing. Just introduced it on my first site and before and after SiteSpeed on Google are very different. This system (SiteRubix) really must be the best implementation available for most users of WordPress .. thank you Kyle and Carson.Before ... and After (about one minute apart):Cheers, William.Stay Focused, Move Forward.