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Last Update: June 27, 2019

Saying Yes……Saying yes is courage. Saying yes is the sun. Saying yes is life

Shonda Rhiemes

This is a great quote from Shonda Rhiemes she..


Shonda Rhiemes.

This very talented person is the creator of the shows “Greys Anatomy” and “Scandal”. So if you didn’t know you’ve already done something today and learnt something.

The story goes that a few years ago she decided to say yes to things that scared her that took her out if her comfort zone to be precise – she did this for an entire year and then wrote a book on her experience of this. The book was entitled “Year of Yes. How to dance it out stand in the sun and be your own person.

It was amazing to find out that I knew more about planting flowers (I’m a terrible gardener) than she did about starting a TV show. She showed up on the TV set closed her eyes and took a leap of faith. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to find out what you are capable of what makes you you.

You may find this incredible but the story is true. You can buy her book if you wish but I’m not promoting it I’m her quote it to ask if you have made that leap of faith?

I never knew

Whilst in the Army my boss would frequently call for me when she had to negotiate with the new "president" or with local people even local chiefs or their boss in their territory. After a while I asked my boss why she always sent for me. Was it my good looks? Was it my scintillating demeanour? Did I look like a really tough guy? My boss said no it was none of these things. Disappointed I asked her why then? She said to me that I had a presence. That people took a step towards me instead of a step backwards. She said that she believed that everyone had this inside themselves that I just did this naturally that I encouraged trust and faith in people. I never knew I was doing this, it was not by design. I was and still am totally embarrassed by her statement.

Moving forward.

Later on in life I realised that I just had a simple thing that everyone has I just projected it better. The secret was that I had confidence in myself that people saw me as someone they could trust. In fact when I had my first “front of house role” as an estate agent people would come into the office and ask to see me “the boss” if I was free. My agency boss got very agitated about this and told me off several times. His boss came to see what the problem was with me realised it was him promoted me and moved him elsewhere.

To me it was nothing special I just made people feel comfortable helped them understand what I did how I could help them and show value in what I was doing. This is all you have to do in reality. It’s easy to say no to someone to something just because you don’t understand it but it’s very hard to say yes even when we understand it but won't do anything about it. It is like an inbuilt defence mechanism that everyone has or as one of my associates says "we convince ourselves of plausible deniability” to be honest I thought that this was a political term when the poo hit the fan or you asked a question the government didn't want to answer.

So where do we find the courage to say YES?

If you have discussed it with family or friends and one person has said to you “explain what you would like to do” “tell me more it’s sounds quite interesting” even “well if you can manage both your job and starting a great business I’ll support you”. If they have then you are onto a winner.

If not and you are here then you have taken your initial leap of faith. For us who are learning the basics at Boot Camp we take that leap every day and it becomes easier as we progress. For those of us who are successful already we still take that leap of faith every day it is done without thought because we are there everyday if others need you help them take their leap of faith.

So are you a walker or a talker?

This is the only plan I’ve seen that does this. Please don’t get me wrong in the other plans I realise that you have to work at it but this one shows you how to do it step by step. I didn’t have to go and search somewhere else and learn to do something there this has everything you need to get started and move forward.

With all this in mind are you ready to take your leap of faith?

If you spend weeks trying to make up your mind that’s fine no one will attack you or have a go at you I certainly won’t. In my mind you either want to do this or you don’t want to do this. The choice as they say is yours and no one else’s so if you are still reading “over to you”.

Sometimes you just need to place faith in yourself. Forget what everyone tells you as they contradict each other anyway. The decision is yours and yours alone so read the information take on board the possibilities and discover the probabilities

So can you walk the walk if you talk the talk?


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lesabre Premium
Great post Steve. Having confidence in yourself, letting go of doubt and procrastination, play a key role in all aspects of ones life.

panduru Premium
Great points. We need to step out of our comfort zones nd take a leap of faith.
LethaK1 Premium
Yes to greatness
BeccaAuthor Premium
Great points. We need to step out of our comfort zones nd take a leap of faith.
ShaunnaLynne Premium
I totally agree... I just need to prepare as my YES will look more like the Jim Carrey movie "Yes Man'...