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Last Update: June 20, 2019

Hi everyone!!

I have found a site that interested me quite by accident so I thought I would share this with you so you can see how it may help you. It is completely free to use and I use it all the time since i found it.


I was looking for more impact for my headline and sub headlines for content and blogs. I have read that key words are very important for your website so I researched further and found that your headline and sub headlines are just as important and will be picked up by the searh engines too. Just as you use Jaaxy you can use these headlines in some cases for keyword research

The other benefit I found using this site was it made me use my brain more. I will give you an example of how this works. Having watched the live training “Researching Keywords” with Jay from Magistudios he spent time on a website using the keywords “Sensory toys for autistic children” In the scale they use that is EMV – Emotional Marketing Value this under Health and medicine drop down box scored 20% and was based mostly on an Intellectual response.

How to use it.

Everything is fully explained. You enter your headline into the box chose what speciality you want from the drop down box and press analize and it does it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Once your headline has been analyzed and it gives you a guide on the percentage value as well. So I redid the headline from Jay to “Smart sensory toys for autistic people” only slightly different and maybe a bit more wide ranging but this scored 50%.

There is no ranking under 30% but 30% - 40% are what a professional copywriter would score and 50% - 75% for the most gifted copywriters. It gives you lots more information about the headline you have chosen. So if yu are scoring low you can think about what other words you could use to make the headline better. This can be hit and miss but you can search yourself under EMV words on the Internet as 20% of words carry an EMV rating. As the search engines look for the human touch in wordsas explained by Uay then any EMV words give you the edge in marketing your site and then ranking it in your headlines and sub headlines.

What site is this?

So the website is www.aminstitute.comor the Advanced Marketing Institute it has other tabs too worth looking at such as copywriting and sales and marketing and a newsletter you have to register or subscribe for the other uses. Incidentally the headline score for the headline of this blog scored 60% so just a bit of thought can get you amazing results.



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cris1018 Premium
Interesting. I will check it out. Thanks, Steve!
Mick18 Premium
Thanks a lot Steve. I will check it out.
LamaRama Premium
Thankyou Steve! I look forward to trying this!!
PoppaJoe Premium
Glad you found this. I came across it a few years back and it is an easy to use tool. While it does have it's place, it does not mean that you should rely too heavily on it. Trust your other tools also (Jaaxy) and use a combination of tools to make a final decision when putting your headlines together.
wildgeese Premium
I agree its just another tool in the box you can use.
Quite useful if you use as a combination