Accuracy in Citing Sources in Blog Posts

Last Update: March 29, 2018

Recently, I read a post with a link to a scientific article which was intended to support the “fact” that a product was found to be good for a named ailment. Curiosity got the best of me, and I clicked on the link. Yes, there was an article, but there was no scientific evidence that the product was good for whatever. Only the abstract of the article was available, but it clearly ended with the finding that there needed to be more research on the product before it could be deemed an appropriate fit.

Folks, this kind of citing can ruin your credibility and no one will want to read your articles. Looking at a title of a scientific article that includes a cause and effect and inferring positive results will get you into trouble. Please read further before using it.

Using Scientific and Nonscientific Articles

Why not use them? When you use someone else's conclusions, it's better to report them as theirs rather than yours. Your ideas will either support or deny their finding.

You will:

Avoid plagiarism.

Establish credibility.

Be inspired by others’ ideas and have a starting point for an article where you express your own ideas on the subject and those of others.

Become an authoritative writer.

How Do I Cite the Article?

No need to use the term paper style with footnotes, etc. Just mention them and hyperlink to their article.

Of course, you can avoid linking by simply mentioning the publication, month, and year in the article. Also, remember to reword the information you use or quote it using proper quotes.

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ckbear Premium
Thank you for this post. Can you direct me to additional posts of yours on this topic and additional WA training material?

Also do you have any posts -- or are there other WA training materials available, that discuss interviewing other people and including quotes from them in my blog?

I did a ton of this when I was freelancing articles for newspapers and magazines in years past. I'm good at it and want to be able to integrate this talent into my WA blogging, as long as I can do so without breaking rules.

Thanks for any information you can offer.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Hi if you want to trace posts made by someone have a look to the right of this post and it will show you a list of all the posts. If there's nothing similar in there then you can type in the search bar above your search term and this will bring up any posts questions or blocks within WA about that term
ckbear Premium
Good info! Thanks for your help! I look forward to a time when I have accomplished more so that I can "give back" with more credibility. Meanwhile, thanks for generously accommodating a newbie. See you around the galaxy.
LouisaB Premium
We must always remember to give everywhere it's do!
JWallo1 Premium
So very true! It is always best to be transparent when referencing other's works or words.

Great post!
WildflowerG Premium
I appreciate your reading my post and your note about transparency.
BeachyKeen Premium
Good to know, thanks for sharing. G+'s ;)
WildflowerG Premium
Thanks for reading the blog, Bill.