Tax Time Is A Long Way Off. Or Is It?

Last Update: February 07, 2017

If you are an Affiliate working within a niche that needs to consider tax time. Well who isn't really? Then it's time to start leveraging the tax time market. Just like you campaign for Mothers Day, Christmas and all those other calendar events, where you amp up your audience. Tax is a Calendar Event. All Calendar Events are a chance to promote.

Tax time is never as much fun as Black Friday and Halloween, I'll admit.

But if your niche is 'Standing Desks' or any products relating to running a business, it's a good idea for your audience to buy soon.... just before tax time.... because of the short term capital outlay and tax deductibility (subject to tax laws in your country).

Why is it so?

Because if your punters buy fixtures, fittings or equipment for their business after tax time, their money is tied up till next end of financial year, (10 months or so) before they can claim a deduction.

If they purchase just before tax time, the capital is only 'tied up' till the end of the financial year (one month or so).


Did you know affiliates are entitled to tax deductions too? Affiliate Marketing is a small business.

I created a list of 47 items we (affiliates) can claim as deductions on our income tax. TerrBerr are you listening? WA rules don't allow me to link to the post. But if you are really interested, just go to my website. It's the second post in the blog scroll.

Go far, Go well and Go to your Accountant!


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Freisia Premium
An excellent piece of advice. I am in the throw=es of doing our quarterly tax right now. It is always a laborious task I tend to put off until the last minute. Thank you for the tip about tax claims for affiliates, I am about to read it now. Cheers
AwesomeWoman Premium
Tax time is now. It's never too early to plan for tax time. I've been having conversations with my accountant on a regular basis. Thanks, Janelle! ~ t
MKearns Premium
It'll be here before you know it Janelle!
Ivine Premium
Hi, a great post on the merry go round of the in's and out's of tax. Irv.