Internet Down? Tips That Will Save Valuable Time Later.

Last Update: November 06, 2016

The Internet is a funny thing, except when you don’t have it!

Here is a few ideas to keep up your website momentum next time your signal drops out. When you are back online these tips will help to speed up your output.

  • Organise image files on your computer into logical folders with file names for fast retrieval later.
  • Create a list of post ideas in Google Docs offline which you can refer to if ever you get stuck for content ideas.
  • Write up any researched articles into a new Google Docs offline. When you are back online, simply copy, paste into WordPress and format as per WA training. Polish and publish.
  • Create a new Google Doc offline for Tweets to post later. Write out fresh new Tweets including new hashtags. You can build whole Tweet campaigns this way, ready to roll when the timing is right.

Eg; Which Rookie Chef Did This With A Tart? #MamasKitchen #CookingSchool

When you are back online you simply copy and paste your cool new tweets to Twitter, add links and fresh images.

  • Do the same for Facebook Groups too. Create a Google Doc offline with entries tailored for the specific Facebook groups you are in.

Eg; “I came across this story about crypts and secret passages when I was looking for my grandfathers blah,blah,blah.”

When you are back online simply copy and paste your awesome new intros to your Facebook. Add your link and an intriguing image. Woosh!

See my training on How To Set Up Google Docs Offline.

Go far and Go well from Janelle.

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rosieM Premium
Great tips! Just because you may have an online issue doesn't mean things come to a halt...thank you!
GeoffGS Premium
Those are some great tips to keep productive in that unfortunate situation.
MKearns Premium
Thank you Janelle. The best backup!
DreamAngel Premium
Thanks for sharing Janelle!
MPollock Premium
Great advice thanks,