This brief tutorial is about the benefits and limitations of Google Docs Offline.

plus the three simple steps to install Google Docs Offline.

How do you keep working when you can't connect to the internet?.

Is your home internet down again?

Can’t pick up a Hot Spot connection?

Wi Fi not playing fair?

Data usage restricted?

If you are unavoidably offline, you might need Google Docs Offline. It’s free.

GDocs Offline is convenient for long haul flights, or cross country journeys or a regular commute when you have time on your hands, but no internet connection. GDocs Offline lets you whip out the laptop anywhere, anytime to draft up your posts literally on the fly.

This little Google feature has been a lifesaver for me because I regularly have poor or zero internet connection, due to the remote locations through which we travel.

I draft up all of my work on Gdocs Offline and then do a final polish and publish when I am back in range.

I always use Google Docs online and offline. Our good friend Rodeves has done a thorough training about what you can do with the ONLINE version of Google Docs. You will find it here...

The good news is GDocs Offline is almost as versatile as the online version.

Next...Combine online and offline work with Gdocs.

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Ivine Premium
Hello, very interesting post. Irv.
JewelCarol Premium
Great training, thank you Janielle, Keep it up. :))
whitsunday Premium
Thanks JC.
AriefWibowo Premium
Good job. I will download the offline Drive.
dorina62 Premium
Fantastic!I'll try this!Thanks!
whitsunday Premium
Hi. Just set it up and then it is ready when you need it, Dorina.
theresroth Premium
Tagged, thanks for the great info!
whitsunday Premium
Good girl. You never know when you might need it. J