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Most WA members use All in One SEO, but for anyone who uses Wordpress SEO by Yoast like myself. You need to update the plugin, please do this sooner than later. Have a good evening.
I wanted to take a minute and try to clear something up that many of you are likely already aware of due to the fact another member has publicly made two posts about it. Way back in late 2009 I published a post on my blog called: Wealthy Affiliate hosting vs Hostgator hosting. In the post I give MY 7 reasons why I use Hostgator or Wealthy Affiliate (in 2009). I'm not going to post the link, but it's easier enough to find if you want to read it as I just gave you the title. Was I lying about WA?
So the other day I realised that if I went to it would list all of the training that I've uploaded to WA. Now I'm no good at writing, so all of my training is done via video. With that being said I counted 64 different video tutorials. Now most of these videos are disabled because Wealthy Affiliate changes/updates and the tutorials then become outdated and irrelevant. However I wanted to share this screenshot to show new members that Wealthy Affil
I build websites for local clients and it's somewhat of a joint venture with a family member. He does the selling and I do the building, so with that being said I do not handle any of the contracts or legal agreements. Over the past few months I've come to realize that it's a huge pain getting content off the clients. I set-up jotoforms for them to fill out and give me details etc. Send emails, but it's like they're in no hurry and will give you a little bit at a time. Client doesn't pay until
I'm trying to figure out how to do something with Getresponse but I'm not having much luck at all. I've tried asking support but they told me it's not possible, however I may have not explained things very well via the live chat support. I'm going to try ask support again but figured I'd ask here too. This is what I want to do: Client inputs new customer details into a webform. Customer is then sent email #1 asking them to take a moment and leave some feedback on a recent purchase/service. If t
Someone is definitely out to hurt people that promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wayne Wallace just had his account shut down and suspended, now I'm not sure if he had videos on youtube or posts on Google+ promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but I'm guessing he did. Over the past several weeks I've seen a several people post about getting their accounts suspended and they all either had Wealthy Affiliate review type videos or posts, or had been directly promoting WA. Several of my videos all got flagged and h
Wondering what is the recommend option when deleting old blog posts. Should I be creating a 301 to the homepage or perhaps similar posts on same topic for the old post urls? Just delete it and move on? Or should I be doing something else? These posts are all old and outdated, I personally just want to delete them and move on with less clutter, but I'm sure I should be going about this differently. Advice and opinions are appreciated.
I know several different ways to transfer a wordpress site from one hosting to another, but with WA hosting it's almost mission impossible. All I'm trying to do is help another member move a site from another host to WA. How can a member transfer a site to WA hosting or more importantly how are they expected to import a database? Previously WP Clone by WP Academy worked with WA hosting and you could transfer a site with just a few clicks, but it no longer works here.
Just want to post a short message, it appears that some people using Backwpup are getting error messages like: The HTTP response test get a false http status (500) I've tested and checked this on two different hosting companies outside of WA and everything is working fine. Testing on WA hosting with some free test sites I created, two work fine and two return the error: The HTTP response test get a false http status (500) My guess and it's only a guess is it's related to the server the sites ho
August 21, 2013
If you're a Youtube user who uploads videos then you'll definitely want to make sure that your new youtube hovercard is looking good, but more importantly driving traffic towards your channel. If you haven't already add a custom banner to your onechannel design and details on your About Me page, I recommend that you complete these steps and then benefit from the hovercard. This is a new feature and I'll be creating a video tutorial covering how to benefit from from an optimized hovercard once