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Last Update: Nov 17, 2020

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With less than 40 days until Christmas Day I am going to suggest a list of books which might be a good idea as a gift for someione or just, good reading for yourself on the run up to, and through the holiday period.

There are so many brilliant books out there and I am not going to rate these books in any type of order, just to mention them as I have found some brilliant material in each of them and have found each and every one enjoyable and benficial. Hope you enjoy one, or some of these.

1. Shoot for the Moon. Richard J. Wiseman..............This deals with personal responsibility and accountability, and how to create smart deadlines and dont be over committing. It encourages the reader to follow their passion, giving eight key principles that make up a great mindset.

2. Mind Hacks. Tom Stafford and Matt Webb........Full of great ideas and information on how to create different habits, techniques and resources that help you to live a more effective and fulfilled life. Interesting and well written.

3. Telling Lies. Paul Ekman.......This book describes how our language, facial expressions and the way we hold our bodies can be read, to tell whethere we are being honest or not.

4. Methods of Persuasion. Nick Kolenda......This has to be one of the best books ever on the subject of persuasion. Nick takes a huge amount of scientific research and simplifies it into a digestible, easy to understand and ready to use fashion so that every reader can use.

5. What everybody is saying. Joe Navarro......This is a book on how to read body language. Joe has developed the skill to see the human body as a kind of billboard that advertises what a person is thinking y way of their gestures, facial expressions and physical movements. It also provides a way to communicate non verbally in a more positive way.

Next 5 books will follow soon


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Nice book recommendations...thanks and more power!


Thank you my friend

you are most welcome my friend Trevor!

Great list. Thank you.

Thank you lots more to follow do you will have a great choice

Thank you for sharing. It looks a formidable list that cover good topics to tackle on this time, especially if the pandemic is about to cause us to get us locked down again.

And so much more to come keep an eye out for more soon

Thank you.

Some greats ones to come Trevor

Thank you for sharing

You are very welcome

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