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Website Development & Programming
The website development process continues to change vastly. Technologies come and go, where others seem…
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Is a selfbilling contract normal?
Hi everyone,I am busy with my 2nd website, and I am signing up with some affiliate programs. But now…
39 minutes ago 20 Replies
How to close a website?
With a personal reason, I have purchased two domain names. I want to focus on one website while closing…
  1 hour ago 9 Replies
Why is my google analytics data gone?
Hello,I set up Google Analytics for my website several months ago and it was working perfect. I could…
  4 hours ago 3 Replies
Can I change my theme without messing it up?
Hi everyone,I am thinking now to really change my theme. I had several issues, and site support did…
4 hours ago 39 Replies
If you were given a choice between?
Amazon S3 or Google CloudWhich one would you go for and why?
7 hours ago 9 Replies
Subdomain redirection possible with wa, didn't see option?
I recently changed the DNS servers of a web domain to WA, I was wondering if I could redirect/forward…
14 hours ago 3 Replies
In terms of a database capacity, how much a?
1 GB max. SQL capacity website equates to. That's shared hosting.How big a project can be?
21 hours ago 5 Replies
What have you done to joes 946?
Perhaps this message won't be allowed, and perhaps administration will send me a similar message, and…
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Need help with site speed?
My site speed is low and i want to know what the best way to increase it is. One error that is coming…
1 day ago 4 Replies
Can I mix & match website design plugins?
In one WordPress application,Can I use Elementor Pro plugin with GeneratePress Premium plugin?Can I…
2 days ago 9 Replies
E-commerce terms and conditions where to get one?
Has anyone set up an e-commerce site? If so, what did you do for your terms and conditions? Did you…
2 days ago 3 Replies
What is this notice on my website?
Joe MillerIMPORTANCE NOTICENotice#: 491343Date: 2020-12-01Expiration message of yourEXPIRATION NOTIFICATIONCLICK…
3 days ago 41 Replies
Website content all over the place?
Each of my post have been published on Google. I need serious help in order to move forward with my…
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How do I find my website? how do I get it back online?
Good day. I had stopped being a premium member more than 6 months ago. However, I have reconnected to…
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What's the best way to access wp control panel for new site?
I purchased a domain from WA. Ultimately I would like to host this domain with WA . However, the design…
4 days ago 11 Replies
How to link wa registration form fields with your own site?
Hi WAmily (WA Family),Has anyone linked their own website wordpress fields to the members registration…
4 days ago 6 Replies
What is an amp issue in gsc?
Hi Friends, I have been getting a warning on my email from Google Search Console, that I have some AMP…
4 days ago 12 Replies
How do I claim my own dot com domain?
HI all, I just upgraded to premium and would like to claim my free dot com domain. How do I go about…
5 days ago 12 Replies
What about photograph copyright for my website?
I have several evergreen articles on my website which do not have any affiliate links, but make reference…
5 days ago 9 Replies
Can anyone help me fix my pagesspeed?
Hey, everyone. I checked my pagespeed this morning and all of my articles have low speed on the phone…
5 days ago 2 Replies
How do you check your bad links?
For most of us, it can be time consuming to check our bad links.What is your preferred method to check…
5 days ago 33 Replies
How to make money?in wa I make website
I make a website but how to build traffic?😞
6 days ago 8 Replies
Permission to login to website admin wo accessing wa?
Just to make sure I am correct.I want to give permission to another person to login to one of my websites…
1 week ago 7 Replies
How to add a filter to google analytics 4?
Hi WA;I am wondering if anyone knows how to add a filter to the new Google Analytics 4 to filter out…
1 week ago 1 Reply
How long does it take a website to migrate to wa?
After filling out the relevant transfer details on Friday 13th my site is still transferring on Sunday…
1 week ago 17 Replies
How do i access the profile for a new siterubix website i just created?
HelloHaving difficulty accessing the new website i just created with a siterubix domain now. I mean,…
1 week ago 1 Reply
Setting up website am finding it ?
I really finding it
1 week ago 4 Replies
Will cookies track if readers dont accept?
If people don’t accept cookies when they go to your website, does that mean cookies won’t…
1 week ago 9 Replies
Elementor pro users, few clarifications if you may?
Current users of Elementor Pro Worth purchasing a pro plan or not? Plusses and minuses if you may please.What…
1 week ago 11 Replies
Can I change domain name?
Hi, I bought a domain here and I was wondering is that name set for life or can it be changed? If yes,…
1 week ago 12 Replies
Why is my google analytics not working?
I don't know if my google analytics is working properly. It shows 1 user when i view my website but…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Google adsense. why multiple 'capacity reached' messages?
Hi all. Is anybody else experiencing messages from Google Adsense that say soemthing needs fixing on…
1 week ago 3 Replies
How to make your website mobile friendly and condensed?
Hello, According to google, my website is not mobile friendly.1. Text is too small and close together…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Is katie56 allowed to make a mess with someone site.?
What is she doing in there?I can't log in?
1 week ago 16 Replies
How do I learn to code from scratch?
What code should I learn first? Second and onwardsHow can I learn to code at home for free?Someone said…
1 week ago 26 Replies
Website themes for mental health?
Hi. Not sure if I'm in the right classroom but, I wish to change my WS theme to a more suitable one…
1 week ago 9 Replies
What is this link that was left in the comments on my site?
Someone left this in the comments on my website. Can someone tell me what it is? Some kind of spam?…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Can I import an existing wordpress site into wa?
My wife has a WordPress site that was built a couple of years ago that I would like to import into WA.…
1 week ago 3 Replies
How do I fix my blog?
How do I fix my blog? so I don't have just one long blog roll?
1 week ago 4 Replies
How to use generatepress theme for different sites?
Hello, Everyone, I think, doing everything well.I have a question about, GeneratePress Theme. I upgraded…
1 week ago 17 Replies
Any help with writing contents?
Hello my great community here at WA,Just after I registered to WA, I've become busy and no more time…
1 week ago 4 Replies
How to put document on website. dnld by by listpassword?
Using our current wordpress web sites, Want be be able to put document on line through web site. Summary…
1 week ago 1 Reply
Is it better to use the recommended plugins for a theme?
Hi everyone,I try to build up a second website. Now I use a different theme and already wrote an about…
1 week ago 38 Replies
Any tips on getting accepted into affilaite programs?
Hey guys, I wanted to ask if there were any tips on certain instructions I could follow that would get…
1 week ago 11 Replies
Building a store with affiliate links?
hi Guys,Can anyone point me in the direction of training for setting up an online store? I'd like to…
1 week ago 8 Replies
How do I complete a domain name transfer?
I currently own a domaim name which is on WA. I would like to keep the domain name on WA but would like…
1 week ago 3 Replies
How to set up my theme?
I am really but understanding how to make my website look like the demo of my theme. The font isn't…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Domain redirect not working - what am I missing?
I purchased 2 domains through WA. I want the secondary to redirect to the main. I have tried with and…
1 week ago 7 Replies
I want to selling one of my domains?
I want to sell one of my domains. Can someone offer me some advice on the best way to proceed?Many thanksJeff
2 weeks ago 7 Replies