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Website Development & Programming
The website development process continues to change vastly. Technologies come and go, where others seem…
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How to fix soft errors?
Do anybody has experiences with fixing of soft errors? It is a new piece of Google's devilry I don't…
51 minutes ago 10 Replies
Who has recommendation for a new laptop?
Hi guys, my Acer laptop needs upgrading soon and I was wondering if there are people who like to make…
1 hour ago 32 Replies
Why does my domain come up as unsafe?
I bought a domain from WA, and now when visiting that site it is coming up with a warning about it being…
2 hours ago 3 Replies
How can I customize sidebars?
I have tried to add wigdets to the sidebar but for some reason my changes are not being saved. I am…
3 hours ago 6 Replies
Can I change the background picture of my website?
I created my website on Children's books a while ago. I selected a theme without too much consideration…
3 hours ago 14 Replies
Grammarly all of a sudden not working?
Anybody having issues with Grammarly recently?Been using this tool for several years now as a chrome…
5 hours ago 14 Replies
Where to find images for my header?
Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me where to find free images to use for my header?
9 hours ago 5 Replies
A record from to godaddy to point to my wa site?
Is it possible to get the IP ADDRESS of my WA website, so that i can add it to my domain registrar (GO…
13 hours ago 3 Replies
Does my affiliate disclosure have me covered?
Today, I want to make sure that my affiliate disclosure is CMA(Covering My A&&). I think I am…
17 hours ago 7 Replies
When can I transfer a domain to wa?
Does anyone know if there's a way to transfer a domain name from Godaddy to WA without having to wait…
22 hours ago 7 Replies
Which account need to be used for bing webmaster?
while registering my website to bing webmaster, already asking me to transfer from ''google search console''…
22 hours ago 3 Replies
Help for charitable site to assist community during covid19?
I have always found the WA community so helpful and generous with their time & talent; I am hoping…
23 hours ago 3 Replies
What url shal I add in google search console?
for registering in google search console shal I add my website starting with ''www.'' or without ?is…
23 hours ago 2 Replies
How do I fix the heading of my privacy policy?
I have added the privacy policy to my website exactly as per the training but when I open the Privacy…
1 day ago 10 Replies
How to set up an email which is linked with your domain?
Hey All,I have just watched the training video on how to publish a Privacy Policy.The policy requires…
1 day ago 7 Replies
Sit health status- critical issue?
Hey everyone, I wish some one can render me a help.I found this on my website, Site Health StatusThe…
1 day ago 1 Reply
A free wp landing page with a video option?
Good morning, That's a question fro those who have dealt with WP landing pages....I'm looking to create…
1 day ago 6 Replies
How to intore my google analytics code?
Concerning my question on how to instore my Google Analytics code, this is the message written on the…
2 days ago 5 Replies
The give and take comments thread or sitecomments?
Hello WA Family,I was just wondering what is the appropriate medium about commenting on other's websites…
2 days ago 2 Replies
Why are we not allowed ftp access by wa for subdomain sites?
Why as premium members are we not allowed to get FTP access (though an assigned FTP username and password)…
2 days ago 42 Replies
Google console is disappeared when linking on sitekit?
Hi Guys, since I have installed the site kit for Google a sense my google analytics transferred data…
2 days ago 4 Replies
How do I access my subdomain?
I have already created it but it says I need to access it via FTP. How do I do that?
2 days ago 5 Replies
Where do I find subdomain folder in filezilla?
Hello, thanks to the WA members that helped me with my first question about subdomains. I used the tab…
2 days ago 8 Replies
Sub domain access from wa?
I figured out you can make a sub domain, but I see I have to use FTP. So does this mean I can't access…
2 days ago 6 Replies
How Do I Forward a SubDomain???
Subdomains!Does anyone now how to forward a "Subdomain". I have created a subdomain but I want to use…
2 days ago 2 Replies
Training on digital downloads and customizing checkout?
Hello. I am trying to set up digital downloads on a product from my website, and I am using the Plugin…
2 days ago 4 Replies
Why am I only seeing nine themes in wordpress?
Normally I see lists and lists of themes, but now I only have access to nine. Am I doing something wrong?…
2 days ago 11 Replies
How to instore google analytic code ?
Hey, Following the lesson on how to instore your Google Analytic code Going to my account, click on…
2 days ago 1 Reply
How to instore my google analytics code?
Hey everyone Following the lesson on how to instore your Google Analytic code Going to my account, click…
2 days ago 1 Reply
Newsletter email campaign does not get inboxed?
Hi!So I'm using GetResponse as my platform for signing up to my newsletter, I also exchange an article…
2 days ago 1 Reply
Email security - no ssltls - when will that be implemented?
Hello,I want to move some of my existing sites to WA hosting, which is A Good Thing.The only issue I…
2 days ago 4 Replies
Can I use wa platform to create my ecommerce?
Can I turn my website in a e-commerce with the resources that WA offer?
3 days ago 2 Replies
How i can edit my dns records?
I created a business E-mail for my website and i need to verify my domain.…
3 days ago 3 Replies
How to make my sub menu not transparent?
Hello WA! The parent menu is "Planted Aquarium for Beginners" when you hover your mouse into it, a submenu…
3 days ago 16 Replies
How can I fix this error code? 404 - not found.
How can I fix this error code? 404 - Not foundWe searched the space, but we couldn't find the page you're…
3 days ago 5 Replies
Has session buddy ever crashed on you - google chrome?
I don't know how many of you use Session Buddy. I have been using Session Buddy for the last couple…
3 days ago 9 Replies
Is it still neccessary to utilize the amp plugin?
I have been using the AMP Plugin for a while now, but in my Search Console I have been noticing issues…
3 days ago 3 Replies
I have a question on sitecomments?
When I use SiteComments to reply on people with their comments, my comment will be posted as admin.…
3 days ago 3 Replies
Adsense disabled and denied appeal what can I do?
So one of my sites had adsense and it suddenly had traffic I was so excited. Then one day I tried to…
3 days ago 15 Replies
How can you give motion to your website?
Hello, guysI have seen so many websites that have motion graphic in their post how can someone do that…
3 days ago 14 Replies
How to upload files here, which customers can download?
Hi family,With other hosting companies you upload files like: ebook, mp3, mp4, zip file so customers…
4 days ago 7 Replies
I have a question about the appearance of my website?
When making my last post, it is the first thing you see when opening my site. I want my FIRST post to…
4 days ago 7 Replies
Why is my parent page not have the ability to be commented?
Hi WA,Good day! One of my page has no comments box, I tried to remove it as a parent to no avail.
4 days ago 3 Replies
How do I add a cookie plug in to my website?
I am new to all these terms and tech stuff with websites and word press. I was told in some feedback…
4 days ago 1 Reply
How to access c-panel? I want to set up dkimspf setting for aweber integration.
How to access C-Panel? I want to set up DKIM/SPF setting for Aweber integration.
4 days ago 2 Replies
Adding <meta> tag to html of home page?
Hi, I am registering at Flex Offers affiliate program and to complete registration it is asking to insert…
4 days ago 2 Replies
Looking for dns name servers?
Hi there I am trying to find our dns name server codes so that I can redirect a site from blue-host…
5 days ago 2 Replies
Do I need keywords on landing page and post landing page?
Is it necessary to put SEO Keywords in the Home Page, Landing Page, Post Landing Pages? As you can see…
5 days ago 7 Replies
Can I keep the domain after I cancel wa membership>?
Can I keep the domain after I cancel WA membership? How to transfer the domain?
5 days ago 19 Replies