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Hello Wa Friends!I hope everyone is doing well with their endeavors with WA and life in general.Every so often we all experience some setbacks for whatever reason that it may happen. Sometimes, it happens unexpectedly and we never see it coming before it clobbers us.This has happened to me since the very beginning of when I first went premium with WA. I no longer pay attention or fear what may halt my progress working within the WA platform. That is because I know no matter what I will come bac
Hello WA Friends!Hey everyone, I hope you are having a doggone great day today!Fun fact, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary the meaning of Doggone is Damn.This brings me to my next point of why I wrote this blog about teaching an old dog new tricks. That's what I felt like when I started with Wealthy Affiliate, and I'm still here learning new tricks.So that brings me to my dog, Jack, he is an old dog learning new tricks, just like me...lolHe is also not the tiny puppy he once was and weigh
Hello WA Friends!Just posting a quick update as to what I've been up to lately!Over the last several weeks I've completed more training for various aspects of marketing. One common thing with most of the training was that Canva was used in almost all of them. I've completed several Canva training series in WA by various experts on their platform.One Premium series is by Jay and the others was by Roope Kiuttu, Vitality G, and Eric Cantu. Jay's Canva Training -
February 07, 2022
Hello WA Friends!It is a rainy overcast day in Florida, which is just another reason to work in Wealthy Affiliate. I've begun incorporating taking some classes as part of my daily routine with WA!While I've completed the OEC training, there is so much more available inside of WA.Some days, I do more than one class, especially if they are part of a series I'm taking. Most classes are 45 minutes to an hour long and I aim for at least 1 class a day minimum.Learning and adapting to new things as I
Hello WA Friends!Reflecting on when I first joined WA, I had no idea about how far I would go with this program.My main interest when I joined was to learn everything I possibly could for an online business. Educating myself in every aspect necessary to achieve the status of a successful business.When I began I knew nothing of what it was that made an affiliate successful with marketing. With the internet infested with shiny objects, I had tried several different supposed programs.However, whe
Hello WA Friends!Things we do every day affect the outcome of results depending on the order of priority. One person's perspectives are completely different from another and it's one's personal decisions that determine one's success.This may sound crazy but I recently was reading about Dopamine detoxing and I was alarmed at some of what I learned. Since everybody knows that Dopamine feels great when triggered it was interesting to find out what the side effects of Dopamine might be.When Dopamin
January 31, 2022
Hello WA Friends,For years I have made road trips back to New York to visit my entire family. The time is mostly spent reminiscing about past times and we usually go eat somewhere nice. We also have several BBQs because the weather when I visit is still very nice to enjoy!Several years back I started to search for properties in upstate NY just out of curiosity. This is something I still do from time to time, and I search from FL going north as well.My idea was to get something as cheap as possi
Hello WA Friends,A little while back I posted a blog about my old pickup truck turning grey. The paint had completely peeled off my truck in many places and it looked terrible. Typical Chevy!Part 1 is linked below for anyone interested in seeing an old paint peeled the truck runs great, it needs a bit of improvement to happen to keep it going for me. Driving it is like playing tug of war with the steering wheel bec
Hello WA FriendsGood morning, afternoon, or evening to everyone!Since I've lived in Florida for 35+ years I've witnessed a ton of wildlife pretty much daily. There's something about watching the creatures that inhabit this earth, it's enjoyable!For most of my life, I've been avid fishing, hunting, boating, and camping, as an enthusiast.I don't fish or go boating as often as I once did, but whenever I do go, it's always a good time. Between things I've run across and the things I've caught fishi
January 23, 2022
Hello WA Friends!Just a quick post about how affiliates are actual agents of Google, and other search engines too. Remember when Google wasn't the big dog on the block? I guess I'm old because I sure remember and it was a crazy competition back in those days!Since the beginning of Google's rise to prominence, they have never waivered leading the way with blazing speed to total dominance of the search engines. It's nice to rank page one of Bing or Yahoo, but page one Google is infinitely better.