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Yikes!!!It's been almost a year since my last post here in WA and a lot has happened in that year.I still come on WA and tweak my sites, update everything and sometimes read training material when I get time. Time frame parameters for me are essential because of other background commitments that keep me pretty busy with my small business.The same small business I intend to replace over time with a online business using methods I've learned at Wealthy Affiliate among other places. This last year
This past month has been a roller coaster of ups and downs between working on my sites and the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It seemed something was always preventing me from being consistent with my efforts here on the platform.Now I'm not complaining in any way because I am thankful to be here and I'm thankful for life and all that it has to offer every day. I usually try to keep a good outlook on things and maintain a positive outlook in whatever I do on a daily basis, but this past month had
I thought I'd write a quick post about something some of you may or may not be aware of with search engines. There are a lot of search engines that are not Google, Bing or Yahoo and they all have millions of users every day in place of the big three I just mentioned.The thing is, you need the big three to get ranked on most of the other search engines unless they use their own data sources, in which case you would need to submit to that particular search engine individually and wait to see what
Recently I was searching through the many programs I use for finding good research topics for products to monetize my posts and pages. Some affiliate programs have much higher commission rates compared to the Amazon affiliate program and a few others.When I joined Amazon my account was active for 180 days before it was promptly shut down for a lack of 3 sales within 180 days. This all happened before I ever joined WA and I had already built out a bunch of Amazons niche stores using a mobile sit
It's been a few since I've done a WA post and this one won't be too long, but I wanted to do a blog about low fruit keywords with Jaaxy. I find low keywords often by mistake and when I find them I keep them to use them at a later time.I keep keywords by using site content, I title new content with the keyword and then I add the Jaaxy numbers on each post, it gives me a choice as to which I want to write next. This has done wonders for my writing, I always have content to write about, I have 20
March 30, 2019
Many people would say writing is just putting a pen to paper and putting words on that paper. That may hold true for someone who jots down a note to remember an appointment or a chore, but not for creative content blog writers.I've added the title Creative Writer alongside of being a Web Publisher/Affiliate Marketer in many of my online bios. I've had people ask me what is creative writing and I tell them it's the art of being a wordsmith.There are many variations of writers in the world and cr
March 28, 2019
PC CleaningI've been busy the last several days working on things behind the scenes with what I'm doing here at Wealthy Affiliate. I've been cleaning up my clutter on my computer and I've been sorting things into new folders that I want to keep.A clean work area helps when you have all kinds of images, files, themes, PDF's and much more taking up space from recent downloads. While I was re-organizing things I stumbled upon some of my old stuff that I can now implement.I often look for things on
March 26, 2019
I am writing this to remind everyone that as of April 2nd, Google Plus will be gone for good. The best thing you can do for yourself depending on your particular content you have is a Google Plus download to go retrieve your content.This content may include files, contacts, photos, videos, music, Icons, campaigns and anything else that may be relevant to your marketing needs. Google Plus is giving you until March 31st to retrieve your content stored within your Google Plus account.None of your
March 19, 2019
Do The ResearchFor anyone that's writing a ton of content it can take hours to do the research behind each and every topic they're set to write about. In the general scheme of things there's always a top list of research topics, however, much like a niche, they can be refined.I recently started writing down the topic I want to create content for and I'll pick it apart with questions about that topic and I also find others with the same interests through my topics research. This method will alw
March 15, 2019
Tomorrow is a holiday that my family and many families around the globe celebrate and it's also one of my favorite holidays. I never see people upset over St Paddy's day holiday whereas certain other holidays can create depression for some folks like Christmas.I also like the 4th of July because again no one ever seems bummed out over that holiday. Every year we have green beer, corned beef and cabbage and wear green attire for St Paddys day, I know it's funny, but it's our tradition and we alw