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Hello WA Friends,This is my second post in WA today, so I will keep it short with new updates for Jan1st. 2022.As some of you know from my last post I've been on a mission to clean up my site for SEO. Many of my old posts were plagued by horrendous ascetics, punctuation, and general layout.So, I started with the very first post I ever created here on my one site, and I got busy!Some were completely rewritten and others had enough subtle changes to make AIO sing. After completing a bunch of them
Hello WA Friends,I just wanted to take a short minute and wish everyone a Happy New Year here in WA.The night went as expected around here with dinner and back to work on my posts. Fireworks were blasting off until the early hours of the morning, we get a lot here that shoot them.This past week I spent going through 26 posts fixing them for SEO. Some have already ranked. Many of the posts were not indexed and had issues that Google alerted me about. Once I saw the old posts and the issues I dec
Hello WA Friends!This year is coming to an end in 9 days and many will create new years resolutions having to do with a lot of things. We all know what usually happens to New Year's resolutions, don't we?There was a time I participated in declaring a New Years' resolution or two, but I digress!Somewhere along the way, I realized that New Year's resolutions are a double-edged sword! When you fail to achieve your resolutions others will know and may say some ugly things. Family can be brutal at t
Hello WA Friends!The image is a screenshot of the page I've linked to this post.A quick post to show another free resource that can be helpful in selecting great keywords. Jaaxy doesn't show these numbers so it may be helpful to know the monthly search volume numbers for your keywords.People using expensive software like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and others may see these numbers. However, most that do not have pro versions never see the search volume on their keywords. With Jaaxy we see a quoted result
December 18, 2021
Hello WA Friends!Today I wanted to take a minute to write about failure and success. Everybody experiences both and some use their failures as a tool to turn them into successes.Having this WA platform to learn from certainly brings about many failures along the way. However, the failures along the way are part of this overall process of learning this business. When I started with WA I didn't take things seriously and floundered about for quite some time. One day I started the free lessons and
Hello WA Friends,Just a short post to say I'm a new premium plus member now. With less than 2 hours left, I had been thinking about upgrading since before November 26th. I had much of what plus offered with my premium membership because it was grandfathered with the 50 websites.However, I made my decision based on getting Jaaxy Enterprise, the available plus training, and the advanced website & hosting package. The expert support and help is yet another bonus!I know 2022 just got a bit bett
November 28, 2021
Hello WA Friends,Just a quick post to show you something unexpected that I discovered about 15 minutes ago. Yesterday, I had done another Black Friday post on my site, and afterward, I submitted the URL using Bing Webmaster Tools.This was also done in Google Search Console as I usually do with all of my posts. After I completed those tasks I made a voiceover of my post and created a video for Youtube.I uploaded the video to Youtube and relaxed watching some TV before going to bed. This morning
November 23, 2021
Obviously, once-a-year Black Friday sales are plentiful, but what is a Black Friday Deal? Online deals are everywhere during Black Friday through Cyber Monday. In this blog post, I will tell you what is a Black Friday deal in my opinion.The deal offered through Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best Black Friday deals I've ever seen online. The deal offers more than 50% off the normal price, which is an incredible discount.The monthly price of Premium Plus in Wealthy Affiliate is regularly $99 a
November 21, 2021
Hello WA Friends,Thought I'd write a little about my old truck, I could drive a newer one but I like this truck.Both the truck and I have been through a lot together, from putting way too much weight in the bed to destroying the transmission trying to back over a curb with a 4 story lift in tow.I know it's only a half-ton pickup, but it gets things done when needed and it runs excellent.Since replacing the transmission ($1200), there have been no other issues other than basic maintenance. Howev
Hello WA Friends,Today I started by first checking into WA to say hello, check posts and return comments.That was early this morning @ 6 AM! I planned to follow that up by uploading a few videos to YouTube and then embedding them on the original posts. After that, write a new blog post and create a video of the post for YouTube.However, my internet service provider had other plans I was not made aware of until...boom!Suddenly, there was no internet, then it came back on, so I thought it was not