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July 03, 2019
Hey Fellow WAers!Has anyone had any success with getting their blog post featured as a "Google Answer Box" or "Featured Snippet". Not sure what the "official" name of it is...But it's the box that shows up at the top of the search results that is intended to directly answer the question that the user is asking or searching the information for in Google.
Hey everyone,I'm going through the Online Entrepreneur Training.When it comes to social media sharing, it appears that the approach that is being taken in the videos is to share your website posts and even Wealthy Affiliate posts to your OWN social media profile.This may sound well and good if you don't mind having your own name attached to your website....But what if you choose to be anonymous or want to use a pseudonym?If I create a separate Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest profile
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Help me! I am struggling to be consistent with my efforts...I am reaching out to my fellow WAers for advice on how to stay motivated, how to stay consistent, and how to ensure that my affiliate marketing efforts are not sporadic.I know that consistency is the key, and that we have to overcome any and all obstacles and excuses to procrastinate and delay the work.I'm not going to make it to 5 figures per month, let alone 4 figures, 3 figures, 2 figures, or even 1 figure a month, by only pulbishin
OMG! I just got an email notification that I earned a $60 commission for an affiliate program that I stopped promoting over 5 years ago!! The website and domain name on which I was promoting that affiliate program have long since been deactivated!!!I guess I must have posted an article out there somewhere on some article directory or some guest post site, where I was direct linking to the affiliate link rather than driving traffic to my own site....WOW! Now THAT's what I call RESIDUAL INCOME!!!
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Today I decided to join the 5AM club and see what happens.I went to bed much earlier than usual last night. My eyes naturally opened at 5AM (more like 4:45AM), after getting a full 6+ hours of sleep.I was wide awake.I decided to get out of bed and start working on my website!I have to tell you! I have stumbled upon a "well-known secret":I feel so productive and so alert!!!The tasks that I had to work on (eg- adding images, affiliate links, featured images, and internal links to the current arti
February 18, 2019
Sheesh... My last blog post was on January 7th.... Today is February 18th.... So much for my New Years Resolution to post one blog post per day, and finish up with the Online Entrepreneur certification.Last I left off, I was on a step in the training that was to create a product review. I kind of zoned out after that, moaning and groaning and whining to myself that that was "too hard".... (The product I am reviewing is something that I own, but I guess I have this mental block when it comes to
January 07, 2019
My last blog post here was on December 24th... Wow! My family and I went on a road trip to visit family over December holidays... I actually made it a point to bring my laptop with me, so that I could log onto Wealthy Affiliate in my downtime and continue my Online Entrepreneur Certification training, and continue posting my blogs.But alas, I wasn't able to... Between 35 hours of total round-trip driving (spread out over several days) and visiting with family, I wasn't able to get much done.I d
All of my content is indexed. But none of it appears to be on page 1 of any of the search engines. (I saw that my About page was ranked #7 in Yahoo for a keyword a few days ago, but not anymore...)So I have had zero visitors to website in the past 7+ days....But then again, I haven't gotten to any of the lessons on link building in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training just yet....So I am curious as to whether the Google Sandbox is real (the hypothetical urban legend that new websites
December 24, 2018
Ok, so I underestimated the amount of time and effort that is involved in getting work done (if you want to be thorough and do it properly of course).I was hoping to have affiliate links embedded into all of my 9 articles by Friday evening. Here we are, Monday evening (Christmas Eve)... and I'm only about 60% of the way done.Retroactive WorkOne thing I have read about from the blogs of some successful affiliate marketers out there is that, in addition to plodding ahead and creating more content
Ok I decided to give the Gutenberg Editor a try. It actually is't that difficult to get acclamated to it...But then as I was trying to insert affiliate links into my website (which you can read about my affiliate linking strategy - that includes the use of a bridge page and also the use of an affiliate disclaimer), I noticed that the Gutenberg Editor seems to be a little bit glitchy when adding hyperlinks into a document.After attempting to troubleshoot the issue, I decided to give up and insta