WOW! Rank 200 The Third time!

Last Update: Mar 30, 2020

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I usually do not make a big deal about rankings, so this was a nice surprise.

Lately I have been answering a few posts and just working on my website content and have fallen behind on posts here at Wealthy Affiliate. These times are very interesting and usually it is just me at home, which makes a big dfference in my productivity overall. We have just one computer and I do not like looking at my smart phone much due to my eyesight.

I am praying everyone is following the guidelines in your area and stay safe, so you can continue to be productive online. This seems to be a turning point in online businesses I feel since people who are home more are depending on services and products to be delivered.

Stay safe everyone,


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Congratulations Bill, whatever you're doing, it's working.
My productivity has also gone down. Possibly due to having another six bodies in the house but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. Maybe my concentration needs to be worked on.

Having those extra bodies will make it tougher, yet you need to let them know you are working on a in home business and then find a space behind a door if possible that will give you the opportunity for 1-2 hrs daily. This may even be when others are sleeping you work on the business. I know with my wife and I she works at a medical facility so we have chosen to keep our distance overall. Not easy with one computer, but in a few days she will be getting a work computer and bingo I will have it easy on my time.
Wish you the best and stay safe.

Thank you Bill.
The mornings are definitely more productive, before the rest of the house is fully up. I manage to just about keep on top of things and if there's a small amount of progress, then that's a win.
Making the best of a bad situation.
Staying safe and healthy is top of the list.
Hope you are also.

Congrats, Bill! Welcome back to the top 200. WAy to go!
Stay safe,

Thanks Mickey

Congratulation, Bill. Keep it up!!!

Stay Safe.


Thanks Debbi. :)

Congratulations Bill

I hope we are all following the guidelines, doing so will help keeping things under control.

Stay safe and be Blessed.


Appreciate the comments Jackie

Yw Bill


Hello Buddy, this is a great indication that you have now the authority...I know how hard to be on top. keep up, sir!

Much appreciated. Thanks

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