From a seed to a Flower!

Last Update: August 14, 2015

Back in the Dark ages when we were selling new Bronze Plow blades to farmers, (made from the swords left on the battle field). We had great success at first because we didn't realize the distance between farms, After a while we didn't travel as much and sales faltered. One morning we realized that if we weren't talking to farmers then it was no wounder that sales were slow, so we traveled more and smarter, Now even greater success was our again. Oh Happy Days!

We used to call it the dummy curve, that is: when you start out you don't know how much there is to learn so you move ahead without fear and achieve some success; then you think you know what your doing and the success falls off? And finally you get hit with understanding in the shower, walking the dog or having lunch and the lights come on!

You find yourself paying forward and helping others to get to where you got. (but you forget to tell them about all the mistakes that got you to your level of success. LOL) You've make the 1st step in a journey to the top of your goals. Soak up training like a sponge, my friends. Your at the right place at the right time, Wealthy Affiliate!

Your Associate, William :)

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divadejunk Premium
Well said, William. WA is a great journey! All the best to you.
WBurton Premium
Thank You, :)