The Gotta Have it Now Generation

Last Update: July 19, 2018

How have we gotten to this point where everyone cannot wait for anything? People do a lot of shopping online now and expect it to get delivered within two days. The grocery store that has the freshest produce or the freshest meat is the top seller in the city. When someone goes to the dealer and buys a new car, they expect to drive it home that day and finally when a young person starts a new job, they think they should make top dollar the first week on the job. We can also add when someone starts a new business, some think they should be generating a profit within a week!

What have we created and how have we created it?

Maybe one could go to the start of the internet, cell phones or on demand TV shows. E- commerce became available in 1991 when the internet was opened to commercial use. Albertsons and Safeway were two of the first to use e-commerce so their customers could buy groceries online. Of course the two biggies Amazon and EBay were the two major players to perfect the online shopping experience. Everyone remembers Amazon books. Look at what they have become now!

E-commerce has led to many online shopping stores and a situation has been created where they are in heated competition to see who can deliver the fastest, the freshest, and the best product available. Federal Express started delivering packages overnight in April 1973 and it was not much longer UPS followed. Now they are in a race to see who can deliver the most same day delivery packages. Do not forget about Amazon and their drones.

Maybe we can take from all this, that the internet led to online stores which led to overnight delivery. Which, has led to many people with high blood pressure running around delivering packages. We have many impatient people who can not wait to get their packages. Where this is all going to end up remains to be seen, but it is good for the business of Wealthy Affiliate. E-commerce is expected to grow about 30% over the next few years and I suspect it will keep on growing. We should have no problem with helping people with their websites, online stores and the best way to promote products on the internet.

Just remember the truck driver, Fed Ex driver or UPS driver. They are under a lot of stress fighting the weather and traffic to get all these packages delivered on time. It all makes me thankful that I am not out delivering packages anymore. Being retired and in the Wealthy Affiliate world is much better.

The more a person ages the more they realize you can wait for something, it is going to be the same tomorrow or a week from now. Maybe a little better if we wait.

Thanks for reading my little post, hope to talk soon.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Wayne,
I was just thinking about this drive thru churches because no one has time to sit down anymore. Home-Meals have gone by the way side because people don't have time, grab food on the go or microwave it.

Tried and True

WayneTowns Premium
So true Elaine, some of this is hard to deal with now. Makes a person wonder what will it be like in ten years.I guess machines will do it all for us, people can’t move much faster.
JerryMcCoy Premium
I understand what you are saying. I was in delivery for 30+ years. I would not wish that on anyone. Good Post.
MKearns Premium
Valid points Time = $