My 1 year at WA

Last Update: Jun 18, 2015


I am actually still struggling to grasp some of the basic. I am a skeptic! It took me long even though to say it but this is not where i find my weakness.

I have half way type personality. I started a lot of things. I have work as an affiliate over the years.

Many times i feel like throwing it in and forget about the internet as nothing is working out. I look hard and i am still here.

I hope i am not lacking creativity.

Over the year, i have but two half done sites. The niche i pursue for my last site is self development.

I would love to create a full time business on the internet, and this is the reason i am sticking with the program. I guess, i am so determine and i hope for the next year to participate more to achieve it.

It's being a long year. I have met some emotional, hard working and dedicated people.

Everyone having there own abilities to gain access to online freedom. I have try my best to participate and to understand each and everyone.

I want to thank everyone for providing me with the ease of learning and i hope we can see the next year as a way of getting more done together.

And, i will work on my organizational and writing skills.

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people will have different results for 1 year mark; but how much contribution have you done in the one year measures its true results

depends how much you are committing daily for the year; in my 1 month of having a live website, i havent made any sales yet but am generating SOME traffic organically and social media wise

Hi Wayne, you know what they say right?
Quitters never win, winners never quit!
Seems to me that you are on the right track.

You will get more traffic unto your website and you will realize it when you start earning while sleeping. How hopes it is in life when you wake up and find in your e-mail, ' you made a sale worth of $$$$

Continue with your hard work Wayne. It will pay in one way or another. Best wishes in your coming years. :)

Thanks for sharing Wayne! Wishing you the best for the year ahead!

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