Have you been Hacked Yet?

Last Update: August 20, 2016

I attended a seminar yesterday on #cyber #security and the speaker gave a lot of information about #hacking and #cybercrime and how it's on the rise and the serious problem that is has become for individuals and businesses of all sizes large and small.

Here's a shocking statistic - 26% of you will be breached in the next 24 months!

Here's some quick tips

- Have a daily backup of your computers

- Have a good virus protection program

- Have a firewall of some type

- Have a good password manager and different password for every website

- Use dual authentication when possible

- Take unused drives offline when not needed

- Implement and enforce security protocol and procedures at home and work

If you have any questions feel free to ask

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Ivine Premium
Hi Wayne, lovely info. Irv.
betcha Premium
My LinkedIn account was hacked. I deleted my account and never got back to it since then. This is great info. Thanks for sharing, Wayne! Have a great weekend!
MPollock Premium
Great info, thanks, Wayne
CathyS Premium
Thanks, Wayne! Do you think I'm being paranoid in thinking I'm one of the 26%?

I've tried everything I know to get Excel (which I use very frequently) to stop crashing and to move faster. All other Word products are just fine ... only Excel is behaving badly.

Could ... literally ... pull ... hair ... out! :-)

Do you have any recommendations?
JudeP Premium
Good points, thanks for sharing :)
Wayne Wallace Premium