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Saying Hello from NJHello My Friends and Family at Wealthy Affiliates. I hope all are having a fabulous day. I for one am ecstatic. Why you ask? I will tell you why. About an hour or so ago I was indexed by Google. I couldn't believe it. Although I believe all word press post are indexed by default but the fact is I am now indexed which means I'll be able to add web pages into Google search. I can hardly stand my excitement. Oh my heavens what a nice Christmas gift. Procrastinating Stops
December 16, 2019
FollowersWho are they? Followers are people like you and me. What do they do? They pursue, chase, and supersede to become leaders. What do they want? Relationships with people like you and me. Followers are your friends and network community at Wealthy Affiliates. People need relationships to grow and enhance their lives. Followers follow you because they want or need certain things that you can provide and offer. It may be career related things or spiritual or emotional things or self-conf
December 06, 2019
My MoaniesAs posted, I barely make ends meet on a teacher's salary which is based on a beer budget, when I clearly have champagne taste. Yes, like some, I live pay check to pay check, which is obviously no way for anyone to live at least not comfortably. Surviving gets exhausting and debilitating. Today I played the "Joker" walking around with a fake plastered smile on my face so my co-workers, much less my students, wouldn't see how upset I was about living this way. Especially knowing at 7:3
December 03, 2019
Hello To All At WA:Just boasting a little on successfully completing the first training course. Lots of information but like a sponge I soaked it all in. Beginning second course today. I'm excited and look forward to it. Beware community I shall be cashing in on those help offers soon. 🤗👍
December 01, 2019
Hello WA family:I'm excited to upgrade to a premium member. I believe that I will see my investment with Wealthy Affiliates come to fruition in the very near future. My exciting journey has begun.🤑🤑🤑💸💸💸💸💲💲💲