Newbies Trying To Make Quick Moves

Last Update: July 15, 2020

Many Giving Up After Getting Started


Because you are NEW to beliving in yourself.

Change is hard & challenging without belief, but is improve upon & requires a plan with training to support the conviction..

If you have joined Wealthy Affiliate Hooray to you! By far you are on your way & probably will exceed your own expectations if you simply "just keep trying."

  • I know this sounds kinda corny & not easy to do.
  • Newbies building a business online from all over the world take note: "new ain't ever easy."
  • For 2 of the most common & uncommunicative reasons.

A. Limited resources.

You ended up here because of your NEW observation: "you realize" not every one (GROUP OR COMMUNITY) is giving up quality information so you can have the life you envision.

Meanwhile getting started on your NEW life "before" joining WA was already on your mind. You just needed something NEW to support you try counting a little different.

B. The OLD ability had you feeling stuck.

Believe it or not most successful people experience the common feeling of something OLD in reality daily. I know because I have my fair share of it.

Except what helps me today to get thru ..that I have join Wealthy Affiliate is the NEW material I discover reading here inside this community & platform, training.

Clicking on the NEW links suggested by so many wonderful people who actually have turned their financial lives around using the NEW methods

I've come across another conviction that has opened my eyes to something much deeper:

I'm not alone, neither are you.

And I admit it is tougher trying by yourself to succeed at something you want with little or no knowledge.

Fighting to eliminate fear when I was working alone with limited resources or feeling stuck, I usually did give in to poor choices & OLD emotion.

There was no benefit in the end and I had to quickly remove myself from the situation, if I was really passionate about achieving my mark.

Regaining control of your financial life is a must. If you never had it before WA, I will share this:

"It require no willpower, but it does require taken charge of your mental attitude. "

It should be a NEW revelation that with WA you can instantly adjust to a better mental state so you can free yourself from being broke or feeling stuck permanently.

Wealthy Affiliate is here making things NEW, it does get easier than before especially to get free of more than just money troubles.

Stop trying to make OLD Moves quick, go slower at a plan that works.

If you are New to affiliate marketing think about giving yourself the experience to finally graduate at something that will change your whole life for the better.

Go from the OLD you, to the NEW you having what you want in the long term!

All the best,


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BillandSue Premium
Hi Walt,
Thanks for a very informative and true article. Not only is it hard to trust something new as far as information concepts, but it is also worse when you are not sure the integrity of the training platform.

Thank God we can trust Wealthy affiliate. If someone is looking for quick overnight sucess, better to look elsewhere.

For those that realize it might take some time, apply the lessons and work at and something new will happen..true success!

Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Great advice and post
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Excellent advice thank you very much for sharing
lhall1966 Premium
Great advice!

Patbracy Premium
Great message. Thanks for sharing.