Making Moves To The Next Level #2 (Week 20)

Last Update: May 12, 2020

Learning In The 21st Century.

Making moves to get to the next level?


If this is your first time to a community. Making moves to the next level regardless to what walk of life lead you to this platform. This ought to become a priority, and should make you believe you've made the right choice.

I am not yet where I wanna be learning so much about what I didn't know about building out a website and everything related to affiliate marketing.

However what I wanna throw in your face so you don't become alarmed, is you should be also thinking about becoming an Ambassador at WA. ( Look up what an WA Ambassador is).

I know...


Right now-- if you starting out your only concern should be acting on what you learn.


As you move forward --you will notice the help & the community which if it didn't matter before a great deal of it will when the money still isn't rolling in & you've been in here going hard at work.

You probably will start to wonder will money ever start being disposited to your bank or not, especially when wanting to advance to getting paid is another reason to be here.

I also wanted to address for those who have advance to getting paid and are here for something more.

I salute you!

I thank you for having my back!

At 20 weeks in. It didn't happen without you.

For those starting out, just so you will know.

I ain't made a dime.

And even though I want to be angry I recognize it's my own fault.

And this is where I start to see the benefit of being an Ambassador which could be more about accessing you in the world and what we have in common rather than what it is only with me.

It's a different time we are in worldwide & yes a rough place for me too .. All and all I realize I am learning something I will have never tried before.

There is plenty to learn and not so much time to complain about what I ain't receiving moneywise!

(So for all the online performance support! Thank you!)

To anybody still reading.

What I feel here is like I can acheive more than I thought possible.

Besides, I have never felt it okay to be ok with to not have made money. Ugh!!!!!!!

But still I am learning something about me, my relationships to people and money & why I keep on going.

No money made taught me a wealth of changes I need to improve on first.

This insight might be extremely tough to swallow if improving on yourself isn't apart of why you are here.

Meanwhile. If you are one (1) of those people like me who don't ask a lot of questions. Then try and learn how to use it to help others connect to you.

Maybe even reconnect the dots of how to win friends and influence people in a way the affiliate world as a whole can benefit from it the way you do it.

Learning in the 21 century is different than it ever will be and possibly because we didn't have the internet before!

Do not give up! Do not lose hope!

You are in the right space, allow yourself the opportunity to grow you up.

You can achieve your online goal(s), however it will take time. And if you are here, you must have said to yourself "you have the time.."

Just don't stop believing in what's possible.

You can do it, I am.

20 weeks in...

I am still a newbie.

All the best


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JeffreyBrown Premium
You're doing very well, my friend!👍👍
Stanleycmng Premium
Learning is lifetime and a journey. You will acquire knowledge and build skills. The making money part comes from taking action and doing work that converts to cash. That itself is a journey by itself.
CMKetay Premium
Learning this is a process. It doesn't happen over night. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN - if you DON'T GIVE UP! Meanwhile you are on the road to becoming the person you were meant to be. Keep the faith! Christine