Are you New & Slow at Being A Sales Professional?

Last Update: August 06, 2020

Develop a Sales Territory

New Sales professionals of the future Wealthy Affiliate are coming in by the bus load, and daily to completely transform their online business life. As it turns out many do not exactly know how they prefer to learn, trying to figure out the best way to advance & develop new habits.

I have been fortunate enough to realize that-- what is happening participating in Wealthy Affiliates ongoing training, learning new approaches to marketing with the tools of the platform-- is definitely about reframing my perspectives.

I am also becoming consistently better overtime learning about modern buyers (you) and adapting my sales techniques to how they like to buy, so I don't miss out on potential new business.

So if you are a fresh starter here, find the gold! Take heed that you are here to be a player and not a pawn. This is where you time is money and you productivity is track and held against you.

So do your best-- being a new sales professional, even if you slow, sale something today!

If you have trouble remembering WHY you parted from you previous resource(s) of salesmanship, I suggest you investigate the lead which uniquely brought you here. What was it that attracted you into the sales territory? Can you duplicate the advert?

Did you know that the very best way to effectively start a sales territory is to first look at your leads, customers and prospects?

Activity is how you define-- practicing what you already know & further understand the strategies of a sales territory. It is also how you analyze your competition, set goals & create targets.

This is also the process of how you get the most out of your determination to properly nurture and grow your transformation.

All the best,


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Great post! Thanks for sharing.
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Excellent post thank you very much for sharing
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Everybody, including sales people have to adapt to our ever changing world to survive
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Very well said, Walt!

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Great post