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Hello World! I've spent hours answering questions here on WA which I love to do, it's my "happy place", but it seams like so very many are making the same mistake! They are trying to go too fast and it's so obvious, sometimes I just want to reach out and hold their hand. Because our lessons start off talking about keyword phrase and how it effects Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many are jumping the gun and worrying too much about other aspects of SEO way too soon! In my other blogs I'
Hello World! In doing a little more research here on WA, I've come with more good advice that we all should take note of. I see many of you struggling to complete the assignments and you are making a big mistake. So here's my 2nd attempt to help: 1-This one's redundant from my last blog, but I need to be more specific... please, please, please at least try to ask your questions to someone you trust as a mentor, or ask your question in the search box at the top of each page and, i
August 19, 2014
Hello World! This post is to give hope and encouragement to everyone! Although I have experience in what we are all doing, what I did is no different than what you are learning to do! Did that make sense??? I joined WA on August 14th and had my site up (but still not complete) the next day. I already had an affiliate account with Amazon so that part was easy. I then built a new FaceBook Page and linked it to my site. I have my site set to not be indexed by search engines until I'm ready, so wha
My advice to everyone comes now after I've had a few days to take the course, study the lessons, read posts and comments are as follows: Join Premium and Go For It as soon as you feel you are serious! It contains many additional features you will need... Buy your own .com domain name for AT LEAST two years! Google likes that because it shows you are a serious player... Don't try to reinvent the WA wheel! Don't take advice that shows you a better way,,, it works just fine as is... Watch out whe
August 14, 2014
As I've said in my profile: "I've been involved in web design, web mastering, SEO and every thing else since 2006 on one project called the Mitchell Reel Museum website." Although I started placing ads on my site, I'm very excited to learn how to monetize websites and everything else I need to know through the Wealthy Affiliate programs. Now after I'm in step 4, I just had to go Premium and WOW, that opened up so many new doors, and answered so many questions I had, now I'm so excited my