Time to focus after a slow start

Last Update: April 22, 2014

I upgraded to premium on the Black Friday deal last year. I told myself I should commit to a year of focus, and re-programing what I’ve learnt from various “gurus”.

Turns out that is harder than I expected. Overcoming shiny object syndrome is not that simple. I had to purge my email inbox and unsubscribe from many emails. But every once in a while, some email would sneak in from a list that I have not yet removed myself from, with all the right words like “push button”, “automation”, “rank in a few days”.

Mostly my problem here at WA has been me jumping around. I started with the Getting Started Lessons, and then got stuck on the whole niche thing. Then the idea of setting up a website got me procrastinating, and then selecting domain name. Then I jumped to the affiliate bootcamp and started there, with a new keyword, domain, etc. I’m now stuck at the point of writing content, forever doubting if it’s good enough, wondering about keyword relevance, when to insert affiliate links, how long it will be before I rank, etc.

Today I realised that it’s been a few months already since I’ve gone premium. So it’s time to regain my focus. I need to produce something if anything is going to happen. I committed to a year membership, so I owe it to myself to keep going and ignore the doubts.

Onwards to a good year!

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ArmaniTol Premium
I think this happens to a lot of people. I would also admit that I, too, have had that shiny product syndrome that took me a while to get over. As time goes by, there seems to be nothing more "shinier" than WA. Products and systems come and go. However, WA is the most legitimate of all and is here to stay.
WestBay Premium
Hello Waldo P so you have come back to get on with it? answering emails, only do that if YOU can profit form them, otherwise you may never get around to building that great website? How else are you going to get ranked if no site no rank...?
Trialynn Premium
Great to hear you have awakened from the dream state. Go make money, and enjoy yourself while you are doing it.
tropics67 Premium
We learn a lot from our "mistakes".
Timshazz Premium
No better time to start than the present. I too have shiny object syndrome but at least once you acknowledge it you cando something about it..