Help needed - My SEO title & description not showing correctly in Google results

Last Update: June 12, 2014

Any tech people out there, I need some help.

I finally got one of my review pages to rank (page 4 only), but my initial delight was short lived when I checked my SERP in Jaaxy, and noticed something usual.

The best way to describe this is to actually show it with some screen shots.

Here is what the

preview snippet looks like when I edit my post:

Which is OK - it has the keyword in the title and url.

But here is what shows up in Google:

This is my first website and I'm still learning to use Wordpress, so f anybody can help, I would appreciate it!


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Carson Premium
Hey Waldo,

Google determines what they want to display in the Rankings, and sometimes they will pull snippets from your website. If you have your blogs displaying on your homepage then in many cases Google will rank the snippet from your homepage before they rank the actual post URL.

There's nothing wrong here, it's just how Google works.

Tyler96 Premium
Hey Carson I know this comment is really old, but my site is doing this also (Never had this happen before, I feel like a total newbie asking this, lol) But will the article itself eventually rank overtime or is this more of a "leave it and move on to the next one" case.

Thanks in advance if you get back to me, just thought it couldn't hurt to ask.
Waldo P Premium
I would just leave it and wait. The blog roll seems to have more authority on a new site. Over time my actual posts started to outrank the blog roll.
Waldo P Premium
Thanks for all the comments.

Seems it was my blog roll that is ranked, and not the actual blog post. How this happened makes no sense to me, but at least it puts my minds at ease for a bit.
You don't change the article after put in your website and public it.
crp2511 Premium
Have you made any changed to the title in the AIO SEO? It could be that google is just showing older data. However, I would not worry about it, distractions are the biggest hurdle in building your online business. You need to focus on your next article, and maybe in a few weeks time go back and review the older content.
MisterWailor Premium
You do not want to change it. Because your blog post has been ranked. if you change it, your ranking will disappear. The reason is because this blog has better content than your home page. So what you can do now is add a link in this blog to direct visitors back to the home page.
Have you heard of "landing page"? There are many pages or post that a visitor can land on within your website, not only your home page.