When Are You Going To Start?

Last Update: June 08, 2020

Many of you have read my Bio and I have received many encouraging and confirming comments. I'm a leader and that's my business my niche. I've had setbacks and as any normal human being I lost some confidence in myself, wanted to blame others for my situation, and yes, I started being complacent with my existence. Sound familiar?

When are/will you ask? You may be asking when and ask what? Well when are you going to begin:

  1. Encouraging yourself? You are your cheerleader when you decide to be an entrepreneur. There are too many people, including your family and friends that tell you that you're crazy and that it won't work. This is a very familiar environment to some and because of your comfortability, you accept life and living as the situation and environment you current reside in. What's your strategy for moving out of your current life in pursuit of your vision/dream?
  2. Taking ownership? Every decision in life can possibly have a negative or positive outcome. Of course we plan to succeed so we look for positive outcomes. Okay so you are on the tail end of a very negative outcome...loss of job, loss of career, divorce, failed business venture, loss of money in the stock market and the list may and can go on. When are you going to say when? We all have our failures but I'm here to tell you until you take ownership, stop blaming others for your mishap, and remember you made the decision for the course of action taken. You continue to hold yourself prisoner watching your dreams and achievable goals dangle like low hanging fruit in front of your very own eyes but, you can't escape yourself. Let it go! Escape your prison and get back on course. You've learned an important lesson, just don't repeat it and share your experiences with others you encounter so they don't waste the time in "Self Jail" like you.
  3. Taking the initiative? You can talk everyday but talk without execution is procrastination! What are you afraid of? What are your goals? What's your why? Fear is great when used properly.

I am asking for a few people, to join me in building their business. Sometimes we need a little consistency. You need a certain time to meet, a definitive task to complete, someone to direct your path until you feel comfortable to go ahead alone.

We have already taken the steps to build our websites and that's great but are you making any money while you're building? I never thought about it until I had gone 1 year without earning a dime. It's not that I was doing anything wrong, it's just that I didn't think about making money from my program because I was overwhelmed with trying to keep up and build my business.

Let me ask you a question. If you have been a member with WA for over 90 days, don't you think it's something you should be telling others about? If you have been here this long, why wouldn't you want to market something that's easy enough for you to learn at your pace and possible have others join removing the cost out of your pocket.

If you are interested in growing your business while you are developing then a marketing business model and system that builds a list is just what's needed. We start by helping you build a list of interested people; the most important tool that you need if you plan on selling your services or product.

Please provide your comments and if you are interested I will be happy to share my system with you so we can "Always Progress!" and grow together.

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