Commit To The Business Model

Last Update: August 30, 2019

We are all guilty of chasing the next best thing trying to get to the end without the journey. WA is a journey with a process! Commit to the process and the business model. Every shiny object that you come out of your pocket to purchase is costing more than the premium monthly payment.

Review the course content and you will see that somewhere on the journey you will be approaching the same thing and a course about that "shiny object" you are purchasing. You just have to follow the process.

Your question may be, "What makes him such an expert?" EXPERIENCE! I'm guilty of doing what I just shared and spent money that could have been used on marketing! Learn from others' mistakes!


"Always Progress!"

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Carson2 Premium
Great points. Thanks.
JKulk1 Premium
That's very true Bon. All the best. Jim
klchang Premium
Good one, Von, especially "Learn from others' mistakes!"
Love it and what you said is so true.
Well ... as you said, just have to follow the process.
All the best to you and cheers.