Your work does pay off tomorrow!

Last Update: April 03, 2019

I know there are hundreeds, even thousands of posts like this one, but I would like to share anyways.

I've worked on my site for about 6 months and then I started being busy with other stuff in my life and I just left my "new born" that had around 20 posts, one sale, and 20 visitors per month.

After I realized that I left 4 months go by without one entry I decided that it was enough and I that I needed to get back to it. To my surprise it was growing on its own!

I have now around 400 views per month and $68 of affiliate sales.

It makes me wonder were my site would be if I didn't take that break!

I know $68 in 10 month is close to nothing but I am really proud of it considering my niche and that this is my first website (that still needs a lot of work).

Thanks WA for this amazing training!

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Graza Premium
Brilliant keep going that's seems to be the advice I know its quite a task but will be worth the hard work
Thabo4 Premium
Welcome done my friend.

You are my inspiration...Keep going and you will soar even more,
This is just the beginning.

Best wishes :)