First Organic search results!

Last Update: October 14, 2018

Hi everyone!

A tiny brag. My site is very young and my visits are mainly from other WA members that leave comments through this platform and from Instagram because I am trying to grow there as well.

I try not to look too much at my Analytic page because I feel is like waiting for an ice cube to melt. I try to focus on moving forward in my training and producing content.

However I checked my status today and I am beginning to have Organic Research visits , which is what I am looking for after all. This is small, just a few a week. But it is only the beginning!

Have a great Sunday!

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AlexEvans Premium
Well done Vivi, just like rolling a little snow ball down a mountain, it gets bigger as it rolls along.

Best wishes.
alexjysmith Premium Plus
I remember that first time. Very exciting indeed. Great work :)