Quitting Too Soon

Last Update: October 03, 2016

Thanks in advance for reading this. It has been a recurring theme in my quest to build a residual income over the past many years. I get on board with a program, go at it with exuberance, and then, as quickly as the fire is lit, the fire burns out. Now I find myself in the same quandary; less than a week after joining, and only 3 days after upgrading to an annual premium membership, I've come to that point of wanting to quit.

I hate the word: "Quit". I associate it with guilt and shame, and, I hate to say it..loser. I know some of the suggestions are to go back and read my goals, go to the community and get some encouragement, etc, but I just continue to be discouraged, and feeling a sense of tedium with it all.

I'm laying it out there, people of the WA community, because I want to make sure I'm doing all the things that Kyle & Carson suggest (reach out to the community being one) and get the support I need to change my attitude. I'm self-motivated, but, the self-motivation trends toward a very short life-span, leading to yet another venture, and then the cycle begins all over again.

Thanks, I really appreciate those of you who took the time to read where I'm at currently with my WA journey.


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lsmalone Premium
No No No
Don't you dare quit. I know WA is by no means an easy task. I'm dragging thru, but I'm not going to quit.
These are the things I tell myself along the roller coaster ride of life.
First, this(WA) is the best support platform I've ever seen.
Also, just show up...the universe will take your hand and lead you!!
Success is the best revenge.

You do what you can do and God will do the rest!!!

Get going and allow your intuition to lead you and it too will do the work.

Take a break whenever you need to and stop beating yourself up!!!!

Don't look it as a job...business is a spiritual game. Give to others and give to yourself...

Make It Fun!!!!!!!!!!

WOW...I needed that Vince!!!!!

You've got it.....just dig reallllllly deep!!!!!

MPollock Premium
You need to settle down just a little and Listen to Jude P.
Teamwork helps keep your mind flowing.
JudeP Premium
Why not try 'buddying' up with someone that is in a similar niche to yours? You can bounce ideas off each other and collaboration which would be for the benefit of both of you can only be a good thing. You would also have someone to be accountable to :)
VinceOKeefe Premium
Thanks Jude. My niche is WA Affiliate. Should be plenty out there to buddy up with.