Why I'm Here.

Last Update: September 27, 2017

I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 3 weeks ago.

I won't lie, in that time, I didn't think much of it. I took a few glances and i logged in for a few minutes each day.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, I was thinking to myself "God I HATE MY JOB!"

Is this gonna be my life forever? Working paycheck to paycheck, hating my boss, hating my job.. basically starting to just hate my life!

I started looking online for alternatives. To have financial freedom and to have happiness. Most importantly, I want TIME. The most valuable commodity. I want time to experience the world. new things. I'm young and I want to enjoy my life and still build a prosperous future, ya know?

As I was looking online, i came across a Wealthy Affiliate post with a success story and i was like "Hey! I have an account there" but i went to sleep because i was really tired. That night, i had a dream about Wealthy Affiliate lol! I dreamt that i had started my own online business and i was living this awesome life and helping people in the process. I was SO happy. So happy that I actually woke up and then i realized it was just a dream and here i am .

I logged on to my account here cause I couldn't sleep. I started with the first course and stayed as a free member till i was done with that course. I wanted to be certain that this membership was for me. I learnt so much in those few days. I started a siterubix site to experiment with and.. it's still there on the back-burner. After careful consideration and from what i learnt from the basic training, i decided to start a new site. A site i was sure of.


About a week ago, I upgraded to premium. 3 days ago, i bought my domain. Yesterday I was actually ranked for the first time! I've been experiencing mild milestones so far but it puts such a smile on my face!

I am nearing the end of my level 2 training and i'm so incredibly excited about what the future holds for me. I've got such a long way to go but what gives me such peace of mind and encouragement is that I KNOW I WILL GET THERE.

Thanks to Kyle and Carson and all of you lovely members here. I've never felt and seen such a warm community and i'm thankful i stumbled across this site.

I wish everyone here major success and prosperity in every aspect of their lives!



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mickeyb123 Premium
Becoming active because you had a dream?!?

That is how a lot of others have started.... (maybe not a real sleeping dream but an 'I need to get rid of that boss of mine' dream)
Vieviexoxo Premium
Yup a literal dream Lol!! But yes, wish you the best with your dream :)
mickeyb123 Premium
This is the place to do it, my friend!
varleysheen Premium
I feel you. working from paycheck to paycheck. its a long road ahead but you only fail if you give up.
Vieviexoxo Premium
Definitely, agree 100%!