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I remember the time my ex-wife and I had our first anniversary. We both had gone through so many changes in that first year of marriage and could see the enormous value of being committed to each other. Now speaking for myself, they were changes that I really needed to make (I don't know if she would really feel the same way:).I wasn't a kid when I was first married (almost 30 years old) so that helped a little. But living with someone requires sensitivity, listening skills, and patience. I g
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February of this year. My intention was to learn everything that was taught and maximize my websites with all the wisdom that Kyle and Carson shared with us. At the time I was a neophyte to the on-line marketing world. I had previously only used my computer as a research tool while practicing and teaching medicine.As so many others, I had been scammed by internet "opportunities" many times prior to joining WA. I wondered if this was going to be the same. There
HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THIS…Many people who have not yet been a “success” (defined as, “the favorable and prosperous termination of anything attempted”) believe that successful people are those who strategically and methodically make the right decisions. After all, that would make sense wouldn’t it? Instead, I want to suggest that in order for YOU to succeed you will need to fail. You will need to learn how to reject failure to receive success.If making the ri
HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THIS…Did you know that most millionaires are first generation millionaires? Yes, that’s right, the idea that the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is not really correct. When human beings are given the liberty and freedom to be creative they can do remarkable things.SUCCESS ISN’T DEPENDENT ON YOUR PEDIGREE…So your pedigree, that is your family background, neither ensures nor limits your ability to succeed. As a corollary to the s
We live in an age where the understanding of how the brain functions and changes is coming of age. When I was in medical school in the 1970's the lecture on the human cortex of the brain (the outer surface where cognition is thought to occur) was 45 minutes long. It was the last lecture in Neuroanatomy and I had waited all semester to hear it. I remember being so disappointed. The understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the brain in the 1970's was still very limited. Until that time,
So it has been 5 months since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate. I am umbilically attached to Wealthy Affiliate. The training has continued to guide and challenge my growth. The community at WA has been so wonderful with their advice and encouragement. All the vital parts of my web businesses are in place. What is needed now is consistent growth.That growth will only occur by following the training and consistently applying the principles to my sites. Although I am attached to WA I am also a
So it's been 3 months since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I have been chronicling my progress as a developing embryo (I can't help it, I am a retired physician:). If any of my WA friends know anything about embryology then you know I am fully formed just really small.Like a fetus finishing its' first trimester, all the "vital organs" of my websites are in place. Because of the excellent "nourishment" I have received here at WA I have no real defects on my sites.I am now positioned to grow. A de
WHERE I WAS... My embryonic development continues in the "womb" of Wealthy Affiliate. I was conceived on 2/26/15. My growth has been enormous through the training here at WA. WHERE I AM... I have 2 websites, have been through the Getting Started training and am on Course 3 of Affiliate Bootcamp. Anyone looking at "me" can see what I am becoming. My websites have all "the parts" of what will be a fully grown web business someday. I am very small (the fetal picture is 7-8 weeks and about 10mm
April 09, 2015
I am a 44 day old embryo in Wealthy Affiliate. My first website was conceived on 2/26/15. It is a new life for me. My previous life bears no resemblance to who I am now. And yet, I am still not fully formed. When I look at myself I hardly recognize who I am. My growth potential and my final appearance are yet to be determined. I still require the "womb" of WA. I am umbilically connected to the community. I can't really "breathe" on my own yet. I seem to be maturing everyday. My growth se
13 days ago I was "surfing" on the internet and was led to Wealthy Affiliates. I say I was led because I had already tried, on 3 previous occasions, to build web sites via other "opportunities". I was not certain who to trust anymore. I had spent thousands of dollars (that I didn't really have) on computer training. I even hired a personal computer consultant who performed a "cashectomy" on me and left me with a website that he built but I could not modify or maintain. I am a retired 59 ye