My first day here.

Last Update: Feb 16, 2015


While browsing around the internet yesterday I ran across an ad for WA. Thought ot myself it was just another scam site. I am the curious sort so I clicked on it anyway. I read not once, but TWICE the part where it says free trial and decided what can it hurt to check it out. Next thing I know is that I am actually seeing something that makes sence and can actually WORK! WAIT A MINUTE! A make money site that actually works? Am I nuts? I guess I am because I am convinced that it will work so much that I have just now went premium here.

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Yes, Wealthy Affiliates is amazing! I went Premium on the first day too. Now the real work begins!

It is definitely not a get rich scheme. Most important point is to build the traffic to your website and follow through with the training and ask questions

I agree to that. Just wish I had found this site several years ago.

I know what you mean, I would be a lot closer to my dream of financial independance

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