ORU Marketplace vs Paypal-Drop your views here.

Last Update: January 28, 2019

Hello very wealthy affiliates,

I am sure a good number of you are now privy to this new Payment method, ORU Marketplace that is pretty much competing with PayPal.

PayPal is shutting down accounts for many marketers. We also know that PayPal has no or restricted presence in some countries making it hard for some people to get/make payment online with ease.

I have had my fair share of problems with PayPal hither to, but at least my account has not been shut down (yet).

Here goes my quick questions;

1. Do you feel ORU Marketplace is a feasible replacement to PayPal?

2. Is wealthy affiliate going to include ORU Marketplace as a payment method?

While this is not an ORU review, I must mention that ORU does have an initial $25 one time payment that covers ORU Visa Card shipment to the user anywhere in the world, and then a monthly payment of $5.95. Other than this, there is no further payment, not even transaction fees.

I have seen several platforms incorporating ORU Marketplace in their payment methods.

For those who have not heard about it, you can do a quick research about it.

Many thanks and best regards


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RussellO1 Premium
I recently learned about ORU and know of a few people who have been recommending it as an alternative to paypal. I haven't checked it out yet though. At the same time, if it is accessable all over the world as paypal is not, and just as effective, it can be a platform that WA should add as an alternative.
VictorLavaz1 Premium
Thanks Russel for your comment.
lesabre Premium
Hi Victor, I have not tried ORU but I do use Pay Pal and so far not have had any problems with them. Thank you for sharing.
CandP Premium
Hi Victor. So far, we have had no problems with Paypal and have never heard of ORU. If it involves an upfront payment and then regular monthly payments, we don't see WA switching to ORU anytime soon.
Colette and Philip
VictorLavaz1 Premium
Fair enough, thanks for your comment
MBartley Premium
Thanks Victor, I have never heard of ORU but will check it out.

greensail Premium
i don't know it but I will have a look, another one is Payoneer but it is a debit card which needs to be in credit before purchasing anything.
Pay Pal has links to bank accounts, which makes it convenient for many.

VictorLavaz1 Premium
thanks for your comment, well noted about Payoneer. Will do a little research on that as well.