How to add your Site to Google Webmaster

Last Update: March 28, 2018

Go to Google Webmaster and or Google Console if you do not have an account create one. Sign in and the click on add property

Enter your URL

Click on the Alternative Mode, and then HTML File Upload, Right click highlight the code, and then click copy on the part that is in between the brackets only.

Go to your dash board of you r site and click on General tab under the All In One SEO

scroll down till you see the Webmaster Tool, Right click and paste the code in the box,

After you paste the code make sure you scroll down and click the Update button

Return to your Webmaster Console and Click on the Red Verify Button.

it will tell you if the site was verifed.

Do not forget to add you Sitemap after you get the site verified.

I hope this helps, Goog luck and have a good day VickiG

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jhardin1 Premium
Mine doesn't update....
RoseEM Premium
Hey Vicki,

thanks sooo much for putting this post together!!! I seriously needed this and it worked! God Bless sister!
VickiG Premium
And Blessing right back at you I am so glad it helped, If you ever need anything please feel free to contact me. Best Wishes RoseMary VickiG
TRPEng Premium
Good job , well done