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So you spend 5 hours researching info for your next post then you spend 3 hours wrighting it all out just the way you want it, Looks good and has alot of information pertining to the subject and you hit delete on the wrong one. The one you have just spent all that time on, and the one you didn't want is still looking at you dead in the face. Rule of thumb make sure, Positive you are deleting the right thing, wright you post under the site content which I did not do :( Now tomorrow I will start
Hi I am going crazy over this index issue, and can not figuare out how to fix it, my site is about the area I live in, and I do have alot of pictures, the problem is for every picture I put up it seem or to me it looks as if there is a page created for that picture and then I get this error submitted URL not found, in the google console. At this time I have 25 of them I don't want to hurt my indexing. Can some one please tell me how to fix this
I have seen several people looking for a way to add their verification code to their header so I am going to do a walk through so It might help. Be very careful when you are working with in the code of your website, if you delete or copy to the wrong place it could mess up your site. I don't know a lot about code but I have played around with it enough to be able to follow directions with in the code to do small thing's. First thing you want to do is copy the HTML code you are going to be usin
April 05, 2018 a fantaatic tutorial, All new comers should read, it is well writen, has a great lay out, and is very easy to understand. SEO Site Checkup gave me a lot more insite on how to get my website up to date for Search Engine Ranking just can't say enough Thank you LeNard
Go to Google Webmaster and or Google Console if you do not have an account create one. Sign in and the click on add propertyEnter your URLClick on the Alternative Mode, and then HTML File Upload, Right click highlight the code, and then click copy on the part that is in between the brackets only. Go to your dash board of you r site and click on General tab under the All In One SEOscroll down till you see the Webmaster Tool, Right click and paste the code in the box,After you paste the code ma
March 23, 2018
Have been working hard the last few week's, wanting to get back to where I was before I had to leave, well I have passed that point, in many way's, I now am in the top 200, Have gotten one website up and running, and ranked, Fairly good start on another one, and feel just like this picture at the top, What a Beautiful World at Wa..I want to thank Kyle,Carson, Jay, and the whole community for being there for me, and creating such a great atmospher to work in.If I can give any advise at this tim
I know this may sound redundant, but all that do not know, if you can't find the answer you are looking for you can type the info into the search bar at the top of the page, and you will get severl different answers to what you need, As you can see I typed in How To add pictures to your blog, and it has a lot of different topics you can choose from. Including Training's and tutorials . Thank's VickiG
What a horriable day, have spent every bit of 3 and 1/2 hours trying to transfering a domain to WA, they are so hard to navagate through, Or maybe it is just me, but finaly got it done Thank you WA for making it easy on your end VickiG.
March 02, 2018
I am proud to be here and, working with- in such a wonderful group of people, we don't say enough how much we appreciate Kyle, and Carson for what they have given, they didn't have to share their success with others, but they did, and as you can see around the community the help that they have provided. I love it here, I love the wealth of knowledge that is provided, and just pray (if no for no other reason to be able to work with such a given group of people, ) that I can stay for a long, long
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February 27, 2018
Hey every one this is gong to sound crazy but I just spent over an hour on something that should have taken me about 15 minuets, when filling out your user profile make sure you e-mail is right. I was trying to create an gravatar, for my site / email and just could not get it to work then I noticed when I added my profile to my website I had the e-mail wrong and it would not go through, when I fixed that wala it worked, wasted time time I hate that, but finally success.