how do websites generate revenue from their webpage excluding advertising

Last Update: February 10, 2017

There are several ways to make money from a website but the main factor in deciding whether or not your website will achieve its required purpose is based on how much traffic it gets.As Kyle earlier said,without traffic,you cannot make money. Once you succeed in getting traffic, you could try

-promote products as an affiliate

One can earn a lot just by promoting products as an affiliate.That is you recieve a commision as you buy things. You have to promote what works for you and dont just promote because you believe you will earn a commission as you may tend to over emphasize on that particular program and loose google ranking. In some cases where you may be out of affiliate programs for a particular product, try typing the product name + affiliate program and you get get a good deal of them as far as that product is concerned

-Email marketing

This method is quite interesting as building an email list can make you a lot of money, build you a solid brand and get readers come back to your site over and over. In email marketing, you could raise income through direct email promotions by delivering free reports that are monetized and note that these direct emails could drive the reader back to your site where other money making methods are available.

-create a job board

People looking for employees will post a job on your website and readers will apply for the Job. But this is mostly recommended for authority website because they stand a better chance of making people apply for a job on their site due to very high traffic. For starters, i will advice you to exploit the other options as it would be pointless getting advertisers advertise a job on your site when you may not yet be able to provide them with someone for the job.

-Sell a service

Selling services is another great way of raising revenue and honestly speaking, could be the reason people build blogs or websites. They need as much traffic as possible and blogs are great at doing that. In my own opinion, if your main purpose is to sell your services, you may want to create a "Service" page within WordPress. You will also have to put in the information about what you offer and a BUY NOW button. There are so many ways to collect payments on what people buy from the website but i will recommend that for your own safety, use PayPal. I'm not a bias person but that is what i use, and i believe it is safe.

-Publish a book

Writing a book may be as simple as it looks. In other words it is rather said than done.You need to know what people like to read about, and most importantly what people don't like reading about. I heard a friend of mine say "One man's meal is another man's poison". That is ; what one person may want to read about may be what another person may hate reading about and certainly you cannot please everyone. So i will advice you to write a blog or some post first to help you connect with people in your industry so you be sure of getting a high turn out for your book. Blogging in general brings you a lot of branding.

-Review products and sell as an affiliate

You may also want to review products on your blog as it makes great content and if the product you are reviewing has an affiliate program, you could get some good amount of income. You can review anything. Hotels, cars,photography, food ,and anything you think of. Doing small amounts of reviews can let you pick up good products to talk about so you don't necessary have to talk about the negative ones. But it all depends on you.

-Host webinars and then sell something to the audience

I've never actually done this before but i just came to realize that webinars make quite a huge sum of money. People want to hear you speak when they get on webinars. What you do is set up a free webinar that you reply once a week and teach them something and at then end you sell them into three more webinars or more. Once you complete this series, you now have a product you can sell as a home study course.

I hope this article helped you add some knowledge to what you already have. I will love to get your reviews and comments below as it will help me grow too and i will also love to get your reviews for my website Thanks!

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