My First Week

Last Update: January 12, 2019

So I will start by explaining the wrinkled paper image that goes along with this post. Though it has only been one week I have found myself questioning my choice of niche many times already. To be quite honest I am questioning it as I write this post. The crumpled, but flat, piece of paper represents the ideas I have and tend to go back to.

Now it is not that I lack passion for my chosen niche but that I question if I, who has recently found this passion, can pull off writing about it. I believe that anything that has substance can grow as long as it is nurtured and fed. A niche can really be anything because if you (or I) have an interest in it then chances are you will have a crowd that shares the same interest.

My first week with WA and I can say that I've completed the first 10 lessons in the first training, completed the foundational piece if my first website with an about me and two separate posts, and I have also had a great opportunity to reD the success and trials of other members in this vast community!

My 2019 has been off to a wonderful start and I would like the same for the others in this community!

Anyone have memories to share about their first week or first month? How about common trials?

Thank you and good luck!


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Terand Premium
Welcome to WA, Veronica! My first week here was awesome as I followed the training and I am still happily engaging with the community! You've come to the right place! Congrats and all the best to your success! :o)
Veronica32 Premium
Thank you and I'm glad that it is a community that people cam continue to stay attentive too!
Terand Premium
Yes yes, Veronica! We are fortunate! 👌👍😉
Marley2016 Premium
The first week here was like I landed in heaven with
all the lessons and information - building a website
for the first time. Choice of niche was so difficult the
first website I built ended up in the trash can - even
though I thought I could be passionate about it and
write so much and that it could be profitable - in all
honesty it was trash! So started over again after oh
about a month and found the niche I am in now and
have actually two websites dedicated to the niche :)
Thank you for sharing,
Veronica32 Premium
Thank you for sharing Susan! After experiencing different niches would you say that there are certain signs to what a good or bad niche would be? Or is it purely off of trial and error?
Marley2016 Premium
Truthfully there is no bad niche - what you need to realize
moving forward is your niche needs to be something you
can write about every day finding more information to keep
adding to your website to keep people coming back - I have
two dog websites even if they are a bit similar they are very
different by nature. With these two sites, I can put so much
information about dogs that I can fill them for years! But
here is the one thing about these sites are they good money
making websites? No not really I mean you can get some items
that are higher priced with a decent commission but serious
money is in the bigger items or higher price items, depends
on what you are looking for.
Do some research - what are your interests - what would you
be comfortable promoting?
Another thing you can look at is advertising that does not
fit into your niche per se - I found a few affiliates that pay
30% commission and they are lawyers that you can put
banners in the site with. I am sure there are others that
you could slip in here and there :)
Any other questions just ask.
Veronica32 Premium
Thank you Susan for such valuable information! I really appreciate it!! :)