Just Do It!

Last Update: May 16, 2019

"Having a dream won't change the world, sharing one will" - Just Do It!

Don't you love that Nike commercial? This is exactly what it feels like for me as I am getting started at WA.

I joined 90 days ago. Although I wish I was further along in the TRAINING, nonetheless I acknowledge my HUMBLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS so far, as a total newbie that I am:

  • Half way through level 3. Moving slowly by steady.
  • My first niche website/ blog has been indexed by Google (6 articles)
  • Wrote 8,300 words
  • Reached the 5515 WA rank today
  • Joined 2 affiliate networks

The biggest challenge has been to find the time to work online, my daytime job keeping me busy 60+ hours a week. My motivation to get out of the corporate world is stronger, though.

To echo what I hear from many of us in this community, I find the support, positive energy, and genuine generosity amazing at WA. I am grateful for being part of this group of great people.


  • Pickup the pace. Achieve level 5 (complete level 4)
  • Find the balance between engaging with the community and building my website and business
  • Learn more about my niche: expectations, needs, trends.
  • Join 2 more affiliate programs
  • Improve my writing skills and speed
  • Manage my time better, with tools like speech to text, mobile devices

In conclusion, I'd like to say I'm totally enjoying the process of learning a new career, I know I am heading in the right direction, it's only a question of time, effort, discipline for me to see my dream, already shared with you transform the world a little.

Just Do It! Everyday, one step at a time.

How were your first 90 days as an Affiliate Marketer?

Please share your comments. Thanks and cheers,


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Tipqmon11 Premium
Great Goals, you will be out of the corporate grind in no time
VEhret Premium
Hi T,
I can't wait until day comes true! Doing my best.
Mick18 Premium
You're doing great. Excellent goals, some of those I can definitely relate to. All the best to you.
VEhret Premium
Goals are not set in stone, they should be attainable and bring a focus. Thanks Mickey.
starfalex123 Premium
Hi Mick, welcome congrats you on the right track you did great keep that positive Attitude great things will come your way .

VEhret Premium
Thanks Fitzgerald, I appreciate the encouragement.
CarlaNavarro Premium
You are doing great. Balancing is by far the hardest to do
I know that is my problem right now.
What I did was write down dates that I am giving myself to accomplish certain goals, and I make them realistic, considering my full-time work, I have now.

Looking forward to seeing what you are accomplishing in the next 30 days.

Have a great weekend.
VEhret Premium
Time management is definitely something key for me at the moment. Thanks for the insight Carla.
Have a great weekend too.
sminman7 Premium
Hi Vincent,
Great post and accomplishments! Keep up the great work! You deserve success from your hard work!
Michael Inman
VEhret Premium
Hi Michael,
It's a start. I will keep working at it. thanks for the encouragement.
MelWaller Premium
You're doing great! Stay focused and keep taking consistent action. There is no doubt you can do this!

To Your Success!

VEhret Premium
Thanks a lot Mel. I will follow your advice.