Eager to get to the meat of the training: Level 3 Making money Online

Last Update: April 06, 2019

After 52 days of training, I am READY TO TAKE ON LEVEL 3. It's been a very good experience so far: I have genuinely enjoyed the process and appreciated the help along the way with great WA members quickly getting back to me with the perfect answers to my questions.

My main challenge has been: struggling with my very demanding schedule at my corporate work. I'm STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW to be more productive and pickup the pace. Things will get easier I know it. I am starting to understand the spirit of being an online marketer, as well as the cooperative spirit of working in and with the community. The more I learn, the more I like the program and being an ONLINE ENTREPENEUR. Very motivating.

I didn't expect to be selected to be part of the KYLE 2019-2020 CHALLENGE! I am ready in my mind to commit to do the work, I only hope that not knowing what to expect because of my lack of experience - I am so new to this business - I will be able to find the way to make this work. If nothing else, it will be a great preparation for the next one.

Thanks to all for your continued support. I am very well aware this is a long journey, and this is only the beginning.



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lynndrew Premium
I am so happy for you! You rock, Vincent!!
Mick18 Premium
Congrats. I wish you all the best.
VEhret Premium
Thanks a lot Mick
RuthlynB Premium
Congratulations, I am so happy for you, wishing you all the best.
VEhret Premium
Thanks a lot!
CarlaNavarro Premium
Not to worry, I do not have a lot of experience at all. But believe, me I ask anytime I need to know something, and there is always so much help. Congrats, I will be on the same train as you.

Much success, and wishing you good will, and happiness!!
VEhret Premium
Thanks Carla.