Good Morning My Friends and Fellow Business Builders and Seekers.

Last Update: May 12, 2015

I have just come from Wealthy Affiliate. I went there to respond to someone's post with information that may be of help to her. A website address belonging to another member. What I noticed is I have 232 followers. About 180 off these followers I have been in contact with personally at some time over the last 14 months since when I first became a member in March 2014. The 1st thing I want to tell you, as most of you know when you get involved with a business you get a back office. Yes I have an area within the WA platform that could be considered a back office. And so much more. The first thing I saw when I got there was a notification on this coming Friday's training webinar. I get the notice in case I want to register. No cost, It is offered to both free and premium members.and if I miss it live it is available for me to view later.The 2nd thing I noticed as I was scrolling through to find the the individuals profile picture so I could click on it to get to her information, was everyone is still there that has followed me or I have followed since the beginning. No one is leaving. No one is dropping out. Occasionally we all get notification from someone that is letting us know they are back after having to forego their premium membership basically saying I am so glad to be back. Not that they left, they like the features that allow you to interact with other members more personally.

Below is a chart with what is available to you with a free versus premium membership.When you join the free membership you will get the premium membership privileges for the first 7 days.

This is not a business opportunity, not an mlm(you can use the tools and training to succeed in an mlm though),not one of those Join Now and make so many dollars this week things.WA is the place to succeed with YOUR business,YOUR DREAMS. No duplicating someone else's business model and following the leader.Am I saying you will make money here? No. What I am saying is this is your best shot,the rest is entirely up to you.

You may ask , well what if I need help, is there customer service available. What I will tell you is this. No simulated voice robot on the other end of a phone here. What there is a are over 200,000 members with all levels of knowledge and experience available and who want to support you on your journey. And of course there is Kyle. The best way I can think of to describe Kyle is HUMAN. Oh yes Folks, That's right . Kyle is absolutely REAL !

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