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Last Update: Apr 15, 2020

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So you want to get a lot of traffic, but, you want it to be FREE.

If you are just starting out, then you should just work on content, content, content.

If you've been around awhile, then you should work on interacting with other blogs. Finding websites that you love and are in alignment with your niche.

If the website is in your niche, write a good review and then go to the other website and let them know you've written a review.

If you've written a review they can be proud of, chances are they will put a link into their website and if they have really good traffic you should see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

I don't need to tell you, do it often and see your traffic grow. also need to write great content to keep people coming back and having a good subscriber link in your post or subscriber form.

Then go on to social media and find groups in your chosen niche and link back to your posts. Make sure your posts are useful to your readers. Posts should only touch on one subject which you expand in detail. Don't write about many things in one post or you'll lose your audience.

Example, if you write about travel, just focus on one destination in detail, or if you are a runner, focus on one aspect of training and why it is get the drift?

Every post should leave the reader wanting more. It's what we all want.

Don't be afraid to be a little bit silly, we all love tasteful humour.

It still boils down to a couple of things, content and interaction. I can't say enough about interaction, it's where the meat is.

If you're not sure how to write great content, then you can check out my tutorial here:

How To Write Great Content

Good luck!

Recent Comments


Great blog Mr,

Thanks and I am off to check out your Tutorial and see what other tips I can pick up from it.

It is always good to get new advice from people. Learning something new every day goes a long way.

Are you still running and doing your magic? xxxx

No magic at the moment. Just building websites. Good to hear from you Cheryl.

Thanks Michael. It is good to see you back here.

That's a shame that you have stopped your magic but you can't do everything. Somethings are more important than others too.

Good tips Michael, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the information and great point to remember.

You’re welcome.


Very good advice! I got a lot out of it! Thank you Michael!

I'm glad this has been of help to you James. I know it works because I've done it.

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