Virtual Reality for Marketing

Last Update: November 12, 2019

What Is Virtual Reality And How Does It Work?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and combined fact - these are the phrases that will possibly revolutionize today’s commercial enterprise world, so let’s ruin them down.

Virtual reality: This is the generalized term for any type of trip that if truth be told places the consumer “in” another world or dimension. It may additionally be used in reference to totally digital worlds, or worlds that comprise a combine of actual and virtual.

Augmented reality: This is a term for basically putting content material “into” the real world with the aid of way of, for instance, using your digital camera on your phone. The most popular instance of this is Pokémon Go.

Mixed reality: This is a mixture of actual content, and digital content that now and again consists of, for instance, two sorts of video in truth layered over every other. In this example, the virtual and real things interact with each other.

Altogether, VR applied sciences allow greater emotional intensity and provide a new layer of consumer experience. Further, thanks to technological development and decrease manufacturing costs, virtual truth advertising has turn out to be extra reachable for advertisers. It will proceed to create the disruption in enterprise fashions becoming the subsequent principal platform shift after the internet and mobile devices.

What Is Virtual Reality Marketing?

VR is all about “immersion” - the upcoming buzzword for marketers all over the globe. Since so many groups are constructing new merchandise round virtual reality, its reputation has skyrocketed and is expected to have an explosive growth. VR brings immersion that lets in an emotional intensity far greater than traditional media. Computer emulated actuality trip is intently associated to the notion of telepresence which “makes humans sense as if they are without a doubt current in a distinct vicinity or time”. Virtual reality can be a medium for an enticing storytelling.

Several years ago, The New York Times started out a virtual storytelling campaign in which they delivered Google Cardboard glasses to their subscribers in order to watch a VR film. This was top notch digital advertising - this trip furnished viewers the emotional intensity that has reinforced manufacturer loyalty and gave a chance of experiencing a story as a substitute of simply studying it.

Why Should You Care?

Virtual fact advertising enables brand owners to place their brand photograph nearer to the eyes of consumers. VR affords values through new commercial enterprise fashions and affords customers an immersive experience allows them to connect with a product in a new way.

Here are some recent records that show that you can’t have enough money to pass by VR technology:

It’s anticipated that by using 2022 the VR enterprise would have hit about $33.90 billion.

By 2020, the expected quantity of bought VR headsets will reach eighty two million. The estimated variety of VR users with the aid of 2018 is 171 million, up from only 200,000 in 2014.

62% of shoppers say they would sense extra engaged with a manufacturer that sponsors a VR experience.

71% of buyers perceive a manufacturer that uses virtual reality as forward-thinking.

As content material will become extra tangible, engagement increases. Innovative manufacturers are already leveraging this technology. For instance, The North Face provided their shoppers an probability to hike via Yosemite National Park. This type of immersive trip and robust thoughts it precipitated is perfect for such a specialised market. People have been able to experience sense as if they were honestly exploring, therefore motivating them to simply have a reason to purchase the shoes.

How to Implement VR In Your Content Strategy

Today’s VR-based campaigns prove that now more than ever, modern advertising techniques contain providing some kind of special experience. If you are equipped to to follow different brave brands put into effect VR in your content material strategy, here is what you need to maintain in mind:

1. VR Is The Platform, Not The Message

VR opens the doorways to greater interactive, creative, and engaging content material and adds. However, virtual actuality itself should not be considered as your advertising message. The have an effect on VR can make on an advert marketing campaign is huge, and but it nevertheless has to provide treasured branded experiences. While developing your virtual actuality marketing strategy, you need hold in idea what your major message is if you prefer to appeal to expanded customer interest.

2. Think About Your Existing Audience

One of the most essential element is to analyze how the audience consumes your content already. Figure out which channels they use to study about your company, whether or not it is social media, YouTube, your internet site or app. Use Google Analytics and different audience analytic tools to get get deeper insights of your audience and its behavior. Once you comprehend which is the fundamental medium for your customers, you can include VR content accordingly.

3. Use Immersive Storytelling

Similar to social media, if you don’t live the channel, you’re bound to fail. Back in the days, film was once the most immersive storytelling medium. However, humans have been just watching. Today, digital truth gives a feeling of presence, which makes it a powerful tool of manufacturer storytelling. Make certain that your digital fact advertising strategy crafts a robust narrative for your user’s experience within your video. You can make person trip even extra engaging by way of using interactivity and visible and audio cues to make the story extra impactful.

4. Showcase Your Products

Virtual actuality advertising gives clients a chance to discover your merchandise besides stepping into your store. A tremendous example of this is the IKEA Virtual Store that offers an chance to discover room departments at any time. This enabled customers browse and even buy products except leaving their couch.

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