A pleasant surprise.

Last Update: April 05, 2017

I have been following the Certification course and have reached Course 3, Lesson4/5.

My niche is related to photography, so I have been looking at affiliate programmes relating to this.

I use Olympus cameras so I have found they have an affiliate programme, which I applied for.

There was no response, so I figured that I was unsuccessful in my application, perceiving that they set a high benchmark for their affiliates.

I was pleasantly surprised today to have received an email approving my application and giving me banners to post on my site!

Looks like I will be busy!

I guess the moral of this story is don't give up and don't do yourself down (as I do).

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CHibbins Premium
Hi Kaz, I will be interested to see how you go. I have just joined WA and I am looking at some different niches within photography. As a Photographer by trade, I am thinking this might be an "easy" niche (easy in terms of getting images and content). But I am struggling a bit still with working out how to post / blog about it to keep it separate from my other work. Anyway just wanted to say hi :)
RHBarlow Premium
Good Move, Congratulations!
Turbogirlie Premium
Thanks Bobby!
feigner Premium
well done Kaz,
using a narrow niche as a learning curve forces you to be slightly creative to try to make an income from it.

i hope this keeps your enthusiasm going, it can be very difficult to see the end result you are looking for when things are in limbo.

congratulations for sticking with it

Turbogirlie Premium
Thanks Phil for your mentoring and support. :-)