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December 13, 2020
Busiest time of YearI've mentioned in past blog posts that early October to early November is my busiest time of the year. That's usually the beginning of an "anti-WA" Season, a time when I have no time to regularly visit and participate in this community. During that time, I'm so overwhelmed by activities that I actually feel sorry for myself. This year was no different. I didn't have the time to comment on other members' posts, or write a blog post, or welcome new members, or even thank my ne
Celebrating Another Year at Wealthy Affilliate TodayEvery single day of these two years has been worth it. So much have I learnt and continue to learn. Not just the technicalities involved in owning and running an online business, but also and perhaps more importantly, the right mentality and attitude to adapt as an online business person. This post highlights my 1st year journey at WA. My second year has been one of a different dimension. Learning has continued to a very high extent, but this
August 24, 2020Throughout history, there have been times when the survival of humanity has been threatened – by nature or by ourselves. From the Black Death which plagued Eurasia in the 1340s to the more recent Second World War, mankind has repeatedly been challenged by calamities.With the havoc COVID-19 is currently wrecking worldwide, can we say that this is the end of all things?Similarities with the pastIf you were to ask a senior citizen who survived World War II, he/she would point
April 11, 2020
Just for a lil laugh at this time of the year when we all are locked down - or say "locked up":A cousin of mine has a "problem". And I think, I too - and possibly many here - have that same "problem".We don't know where to spend Easter: whether in the dining room, the living room or the bedroom. With the current lockdown, where (in your house) are you spending Easter?Whatever your choice is, remember to keep working on your business.A WONDERFUL EASTER TO YOU ALL, WA FAMILY! Cheers,- Trodvies
Good day, everyone. Hope you all are maintaining good spirits in spite of all that's happening around us. As other members have indicated in their posts recently, this is a good time to invest in oneself. And that is what I've been trying to do, which seems to be paying off.By this I mean I've just reached a milestone on the road to success online. It's not about number of posts published, or position in Google, or traffic, or sales. It's about something else which I think is as important to me
Black Friday is finally here, and we now have access to WA's Black Friday deal. The deal is expected to run from Friday, November 29 to Monday, December 2, with possibility of extension, if we consider what has been done in the past. Black Friday is one of the highest spending days in the year, and people in countries where the event is quite alive make "maximum use" of it. Below are the two main ways members here benefit from signing up to WA's Black Friday offer, not to mention the many bonus
Early October to early November is my busiest time of year. It's my niche peak season, and I have very little time to do anything else. That is also my "worst" one-month period as far as activities in this community are concerned.My Case is DifferentTo begin, I would say, my situation in WA is somewhat uncommon. Not many members here find themselves in my shoes. Though I'm involved in affiliate marketing to a certain extent, my online business "heartbeat" has always been to offer a particular s
August 02, 2019
Published August 2, 2019Today is my 1st birthday!Looking at my profile, you would see "February 2018" as my joining date. To tell you the truth, if I had my way, I would surely enter WA's backend and change that date. The reason is, when I signed up to WA in February last year and learned that I had full access to all the features for only seven days as a free subscriber, I "withdrew" right away as I did not want to lose any of the features after a week, and was not prepared to go Premium at th
Published May 13, 2019The title says it all. So far, my best week since I joined Wealthy Affiliate was last week. It saw me make my very first income, from a less likely source.Background Three months ago, I signed up for Google Adsense. And after two and half months of running Google's ads on my website, I "accumulated" 0.2 euros. Quite funny, to say the least. Till then, I had been receiving visitors on the site, but they were not of a substantial number. A little over a week ago, one would
Published April 16, 2019Let me begin by saying, I am quite satisfied with the level of progress I have been making here at Wealthy Affiliate. At this time last year, I didn't know a thing about affiliate marketing, let alone website development. But today, all that has changed. I own and manage a niche website. Wow!Personal SuccessesMy website doesn't contain as many posts as other WA members (there are only a dozen), but I have had what I would refer to as some successes - not financial, thoug