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Last Update: August 30, 2016

So as I have just graced the Illustrious WA with my presence(LOL), I figured I could give ones who were interested a little bit of background on myself.

Although I have had a blog since before Dreamweaver and wordpress, I didn't really start doing anything serious and much value until 6/14 when i decided I would do a lot less TV watching and a lot more improving of myself. The blog is

I started meditating at around that time and learning of the Universe and life and the brain and quantum physics to learn how life worked. I am a bit of a optimizing junkie as I want to learn how to optimize myself. I always want to have that edge.Physically I am a bit behind but mentally I feel I am a leg up on a lot of humans since having a good idea of how the brain works and am spiritually coherent enough to understand what we are all about. It's fun to manifest your own life to your liking.

I wish to help educate more people to be the same. This is not a competition. I hope we all win.

Also, I have discovered Asea (yes, shameless plug) and I believe this product will help soo many people once they comprehend what it can do for them and every single cell in your body. It has done wondrous things for me and I can share stories of many others who have experienced much more growth and healing from the power of Asea..

Here is a taste of it here at Would love to share more if you are interested.

Anyways, that is the last few years of my life. Growth and a new found passion. It's not for everyone and I feel that ones who have the same type passion tend to be drawn to each other.

Join me, will you?


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PoppySage Premium
Hey Brent,:)) I see myself in your words, have spent long time looking into myself, too. and want to help others wake up to their spiritual selves, as well as keep working on myself.. look forward to reading your blogs, and wise words.. much gratitude to you:)
trkstr67 Premium
Thank you for those kind words. I have been posting on
http:\\ incessantly since I wrote this post. You have a lot of catching up to do!!

Let me know what your site is. Would love to read your thoughts and posts

PoppySage Premium
wow!!!:)) Your site is fantastic Brent, very inspiring, lots to read so have saved it on my page to read it, while resting.. Thank You for your insight into what you have achieved..

i'm working on a WA site at moment, I felt going the boot camp way a good idea, and i feel i'm doing alright,
although a bit slow, because, so much to read and understand but learning something new about the online world of affiliate marketing :)
its giving me a chance to learn the ins and outs of it all, before I get stuck into my niche site

Anyway I have started another website ,which is my niche site but i'm not ready to show it off yet, just set up and written a couple of posts, that want to perfect, and i'm sort of re-planning a few things, its funny but i was going along around the same lines as you, with my website, its fun being creative:) heh heh, but don't worry my site will be different to yours :) I always write my own content :) speak soon, Peace n Love:) T :)
trkstr67 Premium
All right well let me know. Cheers. And thank you very much
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Looks really interesting Brent, there is definitely a move to total health. The way we are tracking at the moment is not that sustainable long term. Thank you.