WARNING: Potential Software Scam Came as a Freebie

Last Update: January 21, 2020

Given all of the many different products that I have purchased and wrote reviews on over the past year now, I get a lot of spammy time emails. Seldom do any of the offers actually come addressed to me personally.

Guess that's what made me suspicious of the one I just now received.

The writer is Diego Hernando and he sounds soooo generous... but then I've learned to not trust just any software. And, his offer came with an offer of FREE software along with his tutorial.

In reading over his email really carefully, he mentions "Incansoft", so I Google searched incansoft.com... then scanned the page 1 search results, and found the following post listed as number 5.

The name Mike Kotzakolios stood out to me as I am familiar with that name, most recently.

So, I clicked on it and read through his post. WOW!

I am so thankful that Chris shared his bad experience with this vendor so that I could be saved a LOT of grief, and possibly even be put out of business temperarily, until I could have my computer cleaned.

The next time you wonder if you should share a bad experience like Chris shared, please think again, and then get to writing up that bad experience. I'm sure that over time, others will be VERY thankful that you took the time to share your story.

Please always be suspicious of emails from vendors that you don't know, no matter how friendly them may come across in their letters to you. Google search and read so that you become aware of scams like this one appears to be.

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mgmalek Premium
Thanks so much, Trish
Another really helpful piece of information from you.
Since getting into my website, I'm constantly getting emails with titles like 'your website has critical errors' your email privacy is compromised' etc. It's so tempting to click on these and then either buy the product t they say will magically fix all the problems or download some free trial of something they say is going to fix everything but then I always think better of it. Reading your post here makes me feel like deleting such emails is probably the best option every time
Triblu Premium
Yes Marketa, it would be best to have their emails marked as spam and delete them. Simply visiting their sites COULD compromise your computer with nasty scripts if you don't have the proper protection in place on your computer.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks. I will do that
israelis Premium
Thanks for sharing
Although I do agree to you, I was actually thinking of a different perspective.
Think about how much money these people are making, this is a real bussiness. Plus, they don't want to get caught, so it's extra hard. Besides that they probably went through many trials, errors, and different ups & downs. And, we don't want to be in THAT bussiness.
Still, maybe there's still something to learn from these scammers.
Persistence pays.
They're working on a bad bussiness, and we're working on a REAL bussiness. Let's see who can beat the other. I hope these people get caught quickly, but until then, they overcame the challenges, then went on and built a full "Brand", let's try to COPY them.
This is only one ofour challenges, as we go through our WA journey.
Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration,
Triblu Premium
Good for you Israel, for seeing another side of this. Excellent comment, and Thank YOU for contributing to the discussion. Much appreciated.
FKelso Premium Plus
Thanks for the warning, Trish.. Sounds like you were lucky on this one.
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Fran.
ThaboN Premium
Thanks for sharing this warning, Trish. A good reminder to use due diligence to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

Triblu Premium
You are very welcome Thabo, and Amen to this being a reminder...
nakijo Premium
Good on you and thank you so much for sharing.

Triblu Premium
You are very welcome Jo.