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Last Update: March 07, 2015

Tristan Handy

VP of Marketing

put out some metrics I found quite interesting for internet businesses.

1. Average Growth Rate

There is no average growth rate for ecommerce businesses period. Some excel, some do okay and some do terrible. There is no number you can count on.

2. Monthly Revenue

By the sixth month, great ecommerce businesses can reach 600K. This is 329% over most other businesses.

3. Average Order Value

Average order value for top performing ecommerce companies is 36% higher than for anyone else ($102 vs $75).

4. Customer Loyalty

By the end of year 3 a majority of the revenue comes from repeat business.

May your business grow explosively!!

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Christabelle Premium
I definitely agree this is interesting information! Thank you Terea for sharing this with us! I hope you are well!
Trialynn Premium
You are always welcome Christa!
msh2501 Premium
Thank you for the information and for your kind wishes. I wish you the same and more. Kind regards, Martha
montewolfe1 Premium
Nice to know thanks.
Trialynn Premium
You can read much more here:
2015 Ecommerce Growth Benchmark Report by RJMetrics
miscwirema Premium
Thanks! :)
miscwirema Premium
Wow, those are some interesting stats. Do you have any examples or references for ecommerce sites that made it to 600K by month 6? I'd love to read more about that.